Wrapping up – Sardinia

This will be the last installment of our European microstate tour – and you may notice that our final destination is neither a state (like other places I’ve talked about, it is an autonomous region) nor particularly “micro” (it is the second largest island in the Mediterranean). Even so, I think it deserves mention with my other entries, as it is oft-neglected when European holiday destinations are mentioned.


The land of small, oily fish and large, oily men (just kidding. Sardinian men are, in reality, known far and wide for their lack of oil) – Sardinia, while technically an Italian holding, has a large amount of autonomy. Sardinia’s economy is, in large part, based on tourism. It has beautiful beaches, as well as a number of archaeological sites that will appeal to those who like that kind of thing. Here are some of my favorite parts of Sardinia:


1. Cagliari – The ancient capitol city of Sardinia, Cagliari is a beautiful city, and the old quarter of it (called “Castello”) is in excellent condition, with most of the walls and towers preserved. It offers a fantastic view of Angels Gulf, and the white limestone that most of the city is hewn from gives the city the look of, to quote D.H. Lawrence, “a white Jerusalem.”


2. San Giovanni di Posada – In addition to being a European holiday destination, San Giovanni di Posada is a settlement that goes back to Etruscan times. It was an important Roman harbor, has a wonderful beach, and is, in general, a nice place to visit.


3. Anywhere you can get Sardinian food/wine – Like the cuisine of many microstates, Sardinian food is an interesting fusion of many sources. Spanish and Italian influences are evident, and seafood is generally featured. The food pairs excellently with local wine, making for a gastronomic pleasure.


There you have it, Sardinia in a nutshell. This wraps up our European Microstate Tour – I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.