Vero Beach Limos

The Sands of Vero Beach


Vero Beach is a beautiful beach community known for having some of the finest beaches in the world. The town itself has an interesting history and a variety of charming spots that make visiting it well worth the trip. For example, The Driftwood Inn, a historic hotel in the town’s central business district, is a curious example of what rich eccentrics are capable of. Built out of old driftwood and other antiques by affluent coot Waldo Sexton, the Inn is a popular tourist attraction. Vero Beach also offers several parks, botanical gardens, as well as the location of Dodgertown, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ spring training facilities. Casey’s Place, a restaurant close to the beach, is a fantastic place to grab a hamburger, having been voted “Best Burger” four years in a row. While these are all fantastic destinations, they pale in comparison to Vero Beach’s fabulous beaches.


What makes Vero Beach’s beaches so perfect? There are quite a few determining factors. The excellent sand quality of the Treasure Coast in general (and Vero Beach in particular) combines with the significant surf and tidal action of the area to make the beaches of Vero Beach favorites for surfers, boogie-boarders, and beachcombers alike. You can find fine diving spots along the coast, as well as perfect fishing holes. Vero Beach (the beach, not the town – located on South Ocean Avenue) is a favorite beach for swimmers and volleyball and Frisbee players who flock to the beach for the excellent sand and well maintained facilities. This beach is quite crowded, but can be a lot of fun. A little further down you will find Humiston Beach, which is never as crowded, and has a nice little restaurant adjacent to the beach. Humiston is notable for its artificial reef about twenty yards out (swimmers should exercise caution, lest they be eaten by the ferocious artificial corals and sponges).


If you want a really good time, head to Vero Beach for some fun in the sun. And if you want a phenomenal time, use a limousine from Millenium Limo to get there. Why get sand in your own car when you can get it in a rented luxury vehicle? The beaches of Vero Beach are calling, answer the seashells.