Top 10 Things to See from a Limo

By Nick Jurkowski


Like rose-colored glasses, limousine windows strongly affect your perception of the world outside. The once ordinary avenues, boulevards, and occasional instance of street crime become somehow magical as your entire basis for perception shifts. Keeping that in mind, I have included here a list of sights to see (if you can) while riding in style and comfort in a Millenium Limousine. Without further ado:


# The awe and respect of your peers.
# Your ex-husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend – in the rearview mirror.
# The futile curses and carryings on of your enemies.
# Horsies.
# Street crime in the less affluent sections of Miami. Don’t worry; you’re in your impenetrable hummer limo.
# The beautiful creatures of the sea.
# The lights and attractions of Miami’s peerless nightlife.
# The lights and attractions of Ft. Lauderdale’s adequate nightlife.
# All the maroons stuck in traffic.
# The inferiority of everything else when compared to the majesty of your limousine.


Once you have beheld these scenes from a limousine, you will never want to go back to viewing them the way you did before. Things will never seem the same, and you will embark on a long quest to be able to percieve things as you onece did. This quest will inevitably lead to another Millenium Limo.