Top 10 Things to Bring on a Limo

By Nick Jurkowski


When riding in a limo, you may be confused on what to bring. Should you bring a camera, should you bring a CD player, should you bring the kitchen sink? Should you pack a suitcase or just wrap things up in a bandana and tie them to the end of a stick? There’s a lot to wonder about, but ride assured: when using a limo, you only need a few things…


10. A plan of what you want to do (even if it’s just a drive around in a limousine for 2 hours).

9. Alcohol, if that’s your plan. We’ll provide mixers, water, and ice, but for anything else, you’ll regrettably have to supply your own.

8. Friends. While there is something to be said for the shadowy loner who travels only by limo, generally speaking, you will have a much better time if you are in a group

7. Plenty of canned food, you never know when Armageddon will strike; you’re just as likely to be in a limousine as anywhere else.

6. At least a passing understanding of the laws of the land and community decency standards.

5. Large numbers of one-dollar bills for trinkets and baubles.

4. Parachute pants. They’re coming back.

3. Disguises of fake mustaches, wigs, and so forth. The need for these will become all too apparent.

2. A cyanide capsule.

1. A desire to have some good clean fun.