The Perfect Miami Cocktail

By Nick Jurkowski


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Sometimes, you want a cocktail that is more fancy than a simple Manhattan or Bloody Mary. Luckily, you are in Miami, home to the most exotic (and sometimes overpriced) drinks in this hemisphere. The fact that there are so many places to get $10 (or far more, at times) cocktails in Miami means that it can be quite difficult in finding the places that actually make a cocktail worth the amount they charge. Here are my picks for cocktail bars that are well worth what they charge.


The M Bar


My first pick is for those of you out there who love martinis. Not just the traditional gin-vermouth-olive (or if you’re really wild, vodka-vermouth-lemon) – these are martinis made with every conceivable liqueur, in every conceivable style. The M Bar (located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel), offers 250 different martinis to choose from. There are martinis for every taste, for those who like drier, more classic-type martinis to those who can’t get enough of the ultra-sweet froo-froo variety. My favorites are generally somewhere in the middle, like the Allen Martini (made with gin, crème de noya, and lemon juice). Well worth a look (especially during their happy hour).


Veranda Bar


The next recommendation I have is for a place called the Veranda Bar. The drink specials are quite good (plus they offer a 2 for 1 happy hour on Thursdays), and the tapas menu is quite good as well. My drink pick for the Veranda is their Rasberroska, but their list of scotches and brandies is quite respectable too, and shouldn’t be neglected. The Veranda is right on South Beach, so there’s no excuse not to go (unless you have something against South Beach).


I hope these two fine establishments get you started enjoying some excellent cocktails. Happy drinking!


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