My name is Lisa Canejo. We spoke on the phone on Saturday 3/6, for the first time. We discussed a change of times for the limo pick-up and other matters. You were very gracious in giving me a better package than was previously quoted to me. I certainly appreciate that.

You gave me Luis’s cell phone number, as he was going to be the driver. The purpose of this email is to inform you that Luis was wonderful! He was professional, pleasant, polite, friendly, organized and made our two young girls (13) and my friend and I feel comfortable and welcomed.

He called me early Sunday to verify all information, provided information to me so I could be organized for his arrival and then, as I asked, he called me a few minutes before he arrived at my house. I cannot more strongly suggest what a wonderful evening we all had. Much of that was due to the Taylor Swift concert, but much of that was due to Luis.

When I said to you that you have my future business in our conversation Saturday (I was referred to you my party planner,) our interaction with Luis was so positive, that my statement has become even stronger.

I know in business, from experience, that people frequently call or contact an owner of a company solely to complain. Therefore, I chose to write to provide you very positive feedback regarding one of your employees.

Lisa Canejo
Pine Crest, Florida