“4 months ago when I started looking for a limo for my wedding, I called a few companies in the Palm Beach area, and to my surprise all they did was talk negatively about other companies, specially yours, instead of talking about their service and product. When I found you I was so surprised that all you had to say was nice things about your fleet, and not once you said anything negative about any limo company. My wedding was last week on saturday the 11/19/2005, and I do have to tell you that everything you promised me was right on target plus more. Your vehicles are out of this world, and your drivers are very professional, and last but not least how clean and impecable the Hummers are. I will not only recommend you to all my friends, but I will personally write a letter to the one company that all they had to offer was an ear full of nonsense about your limo service.”

Frank Mohammed, Lake Worth, Florida