Take Your Prom to the Next Level

By Nick Jurkowski


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The other day, I was enjoying a night out at one of my favorite restaurants, Blue Door, with my girlfriend, when I noticed a raucous group of well dressed youths sitting at a large table across from us. Naturally, this could only mean one thing: prom season. I reflected back on my proms of yore, nervously dancing with a girl while wearing the tux I wore for youth symphony concerts, wondering where I could get away with putting my hands. I was awakened from my nostalgic reverie by the more humiliating memories of the time, which need not be discussed here.


We enjoyed our meal, and enjoyed watching the carefree youths marvel at their place settings even more (two forks with a meal? But why?!) We left at about the same time, and as we exited I saw them all climb into a very large limousine, one thing that I had wished I had for my prom. I picked my date up in a 1979 Honda Accord, and, suffice it to say, no one was impressed. I always figured that getting together with friends in a limousine would be fantastic. Prom can be one of the most entertaining nights of the high school experience, and a limousine helps ensure.


I don’t even have to say this, but here goes: Millenium Limousine offers the widest selection of exotic limos in the Miami area, so you prom-goers should check them out. Nothing says ‘fun” like rolling up to prom in a Hummer limousine, and if, God-forbid, you should find yourself drinking (a minor? On prom? NEVER.) – you won’t be driving under the influence, which we all agree is bad. Happy prom season, all you hormone-addled partiers!


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