Spotlight on nightclubs: Bonds in West Palm Beach

By Nick Jurkowski


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Generally, I’m not that big a fan of combination nightclub/restaurants. In trying to do both, often these clubs end up doing neither very well. In West Palm Beach, you will find a very noticeable exception to this rule in the form of
Bonds Restaurant and Nightclub.


Bonds is the brainchild of two British entrepreneurs, Craig and Derren Pinches, who started their restaurant career in England with great success, and moved on to the ultracompetative world of south Florida. The restaurant has (surprise, surprise) a strong James Bond theme, for the décor to the theme nights (Ms. Moneypennies Wednesdays – ladies drink free). Bonds has an interesting interior; they are clearly trying to capture some of the elegance of British high society (or at least, Ian Fleming’s vision of it) in the dining room, while at the same time creating a friendly, less overtly formal feel for the dance floor. While many clubs attempt this type of dichotomy with limited effectiveness, it feels genuinely successful in Bonds.


The food at Bonds is a fusion of British and American cuisines. As you might imagine, the food isn’t particularly original or exotic, but it is well prepared and very tasty. The prices for their lunch menu are just what you’d expect, and are great deals. The dinner menu is naturally more expensive, to the point of being just a bit overpriced. The sweet potato crusted snapper is highly recommended.


After 10:00pm on most nights, Bonds transforms into a nightclub, playing all manner of music and featuring DJs from the US and UK. Often the fare is disco-y, but they offer a fair mix music, depending on the day of the week. The dress code is not too severe, but you should endeavor (as always, hopefully) to look nice. All in all, it is a fairly standard club, but the clientele and the staff help to always make patronizing it an enjoyable experience.


What makes Bonds unique is the competence at which they carry out both the role of restaurant and the role of nightclub. To fully appreciate Bonds, you really have to enjoy it under both its guises. If you’re in West Palm Beach, it’s definitely worth a look.


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