Sonar Club: South Beach

By Nick Jurkowski


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Sonar is an interesting little club that can be just the thing: a vision of the world of the future – of someone living in 1965. Imagine the sort of nightclub the Jetsons might frequent: lots of plastic domes housing bric-a-brac and hourglass-shaped seats are effective in creating a unified vision.


There is no cover, so naturally the drinks are a bit expensive. Still, 7 dollars a drink is reasonable for such an establishment (however, the drinks are a bit weak for my taste). The music largely depends on the “theme” of the night, and is an eclectic mix, ranging from house to techno and new wave. Sonar occasionally closes early if the crowd isn’t particularly big, but most of the time it’s open well into the wee hours of the morning.


Overall, the mood of this club is decidedly more laid-back and low-key than many others, especially those in the South Beach area. The dress code is not quite so draconian as many clubs (t-shirt and jeans are just fine) and the music quiet enough to carry on a conversation. The club tries to be simultaneously– glamorous, hip, and underground, but manages to pull it off either way.


If you want a turbo-charged club scene full of yuppie twenty-somethings in expensive clothes grinding to soul-shatteringly loud dance music, Sonar is not where you should go. If, however, you feel like going to a fun club with a less intense atmosphere that seems to change it’s personality nightly, keep Sonar in mind.


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