Lighthouse Point Limos

Le Bistro at Lighthouse Point


Lighthouse Point is a cozy community on the coast in Broward County. Named for the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse (the most powerful lighthouse in the United States), the town has a palpable “coastal village” feel to it, and is fairly quaint. Lighthouse Point’s real claim to fame is that it is home to, in my opinion, the best restaurant in all of Florida: Le Bistro.


Le Bistro Restaurant serves some of the finest French cuisine available for the price. The head chef is a teacher at the Ft. Lauderdale culinary institute, and you can tell that he really knows his stuff. When you think of a “bistro,” you might imagine a group of disenchanted youths eating baguette, smoking Gauloises, and discussing Sartre. While you can do most of those things in Le Bistro, the food is world class, and the atmosphere is most pleasing.


As of late, Le Bistro has changed from a typical a-la-carte menu to a choice of two different menus. Both offer you choices for entrée, appetizer, and dessert, and both are excellent values. My favorite first course is probably the lobster bisque, which includes succulent chunks of lobster that are mellow yet flavorful. The mushroom purse is also a favorite, and involves chicken and mushrooms wrapped in phyllo dough and then baked until the crust is golden brown. It is difficult to know what to suggest for an entrée, as they are all so good. It’s hard to go wrong with the snapper, which is pan-roasted in brown butter, white wine and shallots, but the canard a l’orange makes a rather compelling argument as well. For dessert, try the apple tart.


I never tire of Le Bistro, which offers top notch food at a price that is all too rare in South Florida. With the money you save on food, you should consider renting a limousine from Mirage Limo to make the evening that much nicer. After all, French food and limousines were meant to go together.