Renting a Sprinter Van in Miami

Everyone has been in a traditional limo in Fort Lauderdale, but have you seen the interior of our Brand New Mercedes Sprinter Limos? You no longer have to crouch down and crawl along the seat to get inside. The Mercedes Sprinter offers an amazing 6 feet 6 inches of interior standing room! It exudes a level of comfort and elegance that your traditional limo lacks when renting a limousine in Fort Lauderdale. The Sprinter gives you much more leg room, the TV’s are much bigger, you are able to stand and walk around when cruising in Miami with a Sprinter Van, and we have plenty of storage space in the rear luggage compartment if arriving in Miami International airport or Fort Lauderdale International airport, or even if you are going on a Cruise at the Port of Miami or Port everglades. The Mercedes Sprinters Van are fully loaded with concert DVD’s, movies and music of all genres to fulfill your entertainment needs.


Safety is always first at Event Shuttle Service. One reason we chose the Mercedes Sprinters Van in Miami and Fort Lauderdale is for their top safety features. They have installed an emergency exit on one of the driver’s side windows and every Sprinter is also equipped with a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. We don’t plan on using any of these items but it gives our drivers and clients peace of mind to know that we are prepared.

A common misconception upon first glance is that they will cost more than a traditional limo being their size and the Mercedes logo across the front. We are proud to offer customized packages for each client depending on what your needs are. Our rates are typically the same as every other limo service in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach area