Palm Beach Nightlife

By Nick Jurkowski


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I don’t make it up to Palm Beach as often as I would like – my usual haunts for nightlife are in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. It’s a bit of a shame, because the attractions that can be found in the Palm Beach area are have an entirely unique feel while at the same time sporting nearly identical scantily clad beach-goers.


Palm Beach has a bit more history as a party destination for the upwardly mobile than South Beach or Key West, catering to the likes of the Kennedy’s and Rockefellers in the days when South Beach was just a beach. As such, the ambiance has a bit more of an “old-money” feel to it, focusing more on expensive restaurants than on bars or nightclubs. That being said, it isn’t all smoking jackets, brandy snifters, and serfs vying for their lord’s attention (though if you want it, it’s there…) – if you want good old-fashioned hedonism, you can find it. Here are some destinations to get you started:


If you’re up for a little blue-blood type entertainment, head to the Blue Martini in West Palm Beach. They have a whole mess of exotic, delicious, and expensive martinis, as well as tapas (everyone loves a tapa, so why don’t you?) For something a little less expensive (especially during happy hour on Thursdays), try the Brazilian Court. It’s located on Palm Beach proper, and has a young crowd and live jazz (always a plus). For lower-key libations, West Palm Beach might be more your scene. It has a good supply of saloons and Irish pubs, and fewer Rockefellers.


On to dance!


There aren’t all that many true nightclubs on the island of Palm Beach, but the few they have are quite adequate. The two to look for would be Club Y and 251. Club Y is fairly new, but already has quite a reputation. It is definitely meant for the upper-echelons of society, what with its fancy jacket requirement and overall exclusivity. That being said, it still isn’t that difficult to get into – just look the part and give yourself plenty of time. 251 is a more of a locals hotspot – kind of mediocre all told, but not without its charm.


Well, have fun in Palm Beach. Maybe you’ll meet a Kennedy. Happy travels, and happy eating/drinking/dancing/debauchery.


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