Palm Beach County Limos

Lions in Palm Beach County


Palm Beach County has a lot to offer the urban adventurer – from fantastic restaurants and nightlife to historic attractions and museums. Without a doubt, however, one of the most interesting attractions in this area is America’s first drive-through cageless zoo, Lion Country Safari.


The Lion Country Safari was developed by a group of British and South African moguls with a most noble goal: to bring the fun an excitement of an African Game park to those who would not ordinarily be able to afford the trip to Africa (and supplies – pith helmets, etc.) It has grown to be quite large, encompassing 4 miles of drive-through preserve and being home to over 900 animals, and is visited by tourists who come from all over the world. At most, it is a close simulacrum of safari (without the shooting), while at least, it is the only place in Palm Beach County (and most likely, Florida) where ostriches will look at you quizzically and chimpanzees will hoot and point as you drive by. Not too shabby, eh?


How would I see this transplanted savannah paradise? Would a limo be the optimal vehicle for such an excursion? Maybe, maybe not. For my money, I believe the best way would be to rent one of the beautiful Rolls Royces that Millenium offers and take a short tour (don’t worry, the lions are kept in a separate part of the preserve). The trip is easy and fairly short (about one and a half hours) and would be a hell of a date (it touring a simulated African savannah in a Rolls Royce might be too weird for a first date. Then again, it may not.) If driving through animals isn’t your cup of tea, then you can always walk through the more conventional zoo/amusment park amalgamation of Safari world. There are even camp-sites adjacent to the park, so you can stay the night and pretend you are setting out on an expedition to look for Dr. Livingston.


In a place with the varied attractions of Palm Beach County, it is important to take advantage of the more “irregular” ones (you can find good restaurants and nightclubs anywhere, after all, but not a lot of cageless outdoor zoos). Have fun – keep away from the lions.