Oakland Park Limos

Oktoberfest in Florida


Oakland Park is a small town in Broward County that used to be called Floranada – a combination of “Florida” and “Canada.” The denizens wisely changed the name of their town once they realized that such a combination was not only bizarre, but also not particularly desirable (also, the town went bankrupt after it was hit by a hurricane).


Oakland Park is undergoing quite a bit of change right now – the city council is putting new zoning regulations into effect in an attempt to turn the downtown area into a quaint pedestrian district. The fact that Oakland Park is so near Wilton Manors (which is experiencing a huge housing boom right now) means that property prices are going up, which has spurred interest in their downtown redevelopment. All this translates into more to do and see in Oakland Park. Though there isn’t that much to do in Oakland Park as of this moment, they do have a fantastic Oktoberfest.


There aren’t that many authentic Bavarian Oktoberfests in Florida, especially not on the scale of Oakland Park’s. Here, you will find parades, musicians, traditional food, and pagan dancers. Oh, also beer. TONS of beer. For those who don’t like beer, there is wine. TONS of wine (nothing says Oktoberfest like barrels and barrels of Gewürztraminer). Even for those who don’t like to imbibe, there is plenty to do. There are Dachshund races, oompah bands, strudel eating contests, and Polka lessons (with a Polka Contest at the end). In short, it’s a great time, though we all know that most people come for the beer (and there’s plenty of it).


What better way is there to ring in October than in classic Munich style? This year’s festival was only the second in Oakland Park, so subsequent Oktoberfests are bound to be even better. Since you probably don’t want to worry about driving home, consider taking a limousine from Mirage Limo to the festivities. The limos are comfortable, stylish, and, if you get a Chrysler, at least half German! Oakland Park has what your October is lacking – come and check it out.