Miami Heat Championship

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Miami heat is South Florida’s Pride. With experienced players on its team, it has several titles to its name and a solid fan base from all around Miami

Though they were assured of victory with only two more games to play, there was tension during their last game as they were determined not to have a repeat of last season’s defeat. They were determined to prove themselves to their fans who came out in droves to show their undying support for their team using transportation by Millenium Limo.
After scores were in, Miami Heat had a 6 lead over their rivals, Oklahoma and they were declared NBA 2012 champions. This heat championship was led by their big trio of Wade, Bosh and Lebron.
Though they were down by 10 during their last match, they were able to prove that a game’s victory is not about number of players but about experience. This is because they won their victory in spite of their disadvantage as they were able to gather themselves in and put their experience of the game to use.
When victory for the NBA 2012 tournament was declared for Miami Heat, celebrations kicked of in social media sites as fans could not contain their excitement. Jovial fans were seen taking spots as early as Sunday so that they could have a glimpse of the festival.
With excitement in the air, many fans took to the streets after long hours of traffic to watch the heat championship celebrations that had been fashioned in an elegant parade that was led by their big three.
Miami has never seen such huge crowds of people on its street as its people gathered united all under sports. Fans lay aside their differences to celebrate their team’s victory with pomp. They carried banners and wore clothes that showed their pride in the Heat championships.
The celebrations were held in a huge parade that contained buses, fire engines and limos. This parade started at Miami’s financial district and the convoy made its way to America Airlines Arena. This parade moved slowly through the streets as their coached flaunted the trophy in front of errant fans.
Players could be seen on top of the buses and Party Buses by Millenium Limo in Miami pressing the crowds to cheer louder as they had brought the title back home once again. The big three were each atop different buses together with their close friends and family members waving to their fans as the envoy made its way.
After the parade, fans headed to the Arena where they continued with their celebrations with dancing and singing as they interacted with their champions.
Though this was their second title, they held much bigger celebrations as they felt that their victory was more personal due to media controversies that followed their players during the season plus injuries that they had during their matches.
After their celebration, Heat promised their fans another victory for next season and set out to prepare during their off season break, as well as Millenium Limo in Miami will be offering the same professional limo service in Miami on the 2012 – 2013 season
By: Arnaldo Ricciulli