Martin County Limos

Maritime Museums and Martin County Limos


While not as well known as some of the other counties in Florida, Martin County none-the-less offers a wide variety of fantastic destinations and entertainment. Known as “Old Florida” to a lot of its residents, Martin County offers a lot of the wild, natural beauty that Florida was known for before South Beach and Orlando. It also has some very interesting maritime museums for the nautical minded, one of which is the attraction I’ll focus on for this article.


Maritime museums? Isn’t that a little “educational” for a promotional blurb for limousines (from Millenium Limos, of course)? Perhaps, perhaps not. As a boating enthusiast (my second favorite mode of transportation to Millenium limos), I take a keen interest in the maritime history of Florida’s Treasure Coast; it is historically treacherous, making for a lively history. Furthermore, since Martin County isn’t especially known for its clubs or restaurants, focusing on a historical destination provides a nice change of pace.


The featured locale of Martin County in question is Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge, located near Stuart. It is the only one of several (10 or 11) houses of refuge on the East Coast of Florida still standing. Houses of refuge were shelters created to aid in the rescue shelter of shipwrecked mariners. Gilbert’s Bar is now a fantastic maritime museum, being fully restored to look as it would have when it first saw action in 1876. In addition, the boathouse now houses a variety of nautical artifacts, some dating back the the 16th century. The Historical Society of Martin County does an excellent job operating Gilbert’s Bar, and has many history programs and reenactments all year round.


Gilbert’s Bar would be a fantastic place to go to surprise a loved one (who happened to be a nautical enthusiast) – it really is one of the best things to see in Martin County. If you were feeling really extravagant (maybe it’s Grandpa’s 85th birthday and you want to do something special), you could even rent a Millenium Limo to take you there and back. There’s more overlap between limousines and maritime museums than you might think. Check it out!