Locations Millenium Limo serves in the Southern Florida area from Key West to Jacksonville, Including Naples to Tampa

Millenium Limo has a truly prodigious number of different limousine services to suit whatever need you may have, driven by well-trained and courteous drivers who will cater all your needs. No matter what you have in mind, be it a night out at a bar or club like Zanzibar, a short jaunt to become forever tied to another in the bonds of matrimony, or even a trip to the synagogue to become a man, the limousine services of Millenium Limo will provide you with what you need.

Se Habla Espanol!

Nuestro personal es cometido completamente a la reunion y exceder sus esperanzas. Ofrecemos la coleccion mas fina de Limusinas de Hummer en Florida del sur, y en Florida Central. Nuestra Compania de la Limusina ofrece el transporte para una gran variedad de acontecimientos. Permita nuestra ayuda del servicio usted encuentra la limusina correcta para su tiempo especial si es una boda, el transporte de aeropuerto, los viajes de negocios, los partidos de soltero o soltera, o cualquier ocasion

Additional Locations

In addition to those on the map below, we also serve the following cities: Lee, Collier, Monroe, Martin Counties and Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota and Vero Beach

Our Clients Say

You would be pleased to know that I have searched from coast (East) to coast (West) for the last (8) months for a limousine company. A wedding is a very special day and for that special day, you only want the very best; from the wedding dress, cake, caterer, disc jockey and everything else that would make the day a memorable one. My quest began in the South Florida area (Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach County). It was at that time that I first learned of Millenium Limo. I wrote the name Millenium Limo in my tablet along with a couple other limousine companies that would be later researched.

After months of review readings and speaking with different people from those areas, I quickly eliminated all of the limousine companies with the exception of Millenium Limo. I then decided to search the other coast (Southwest Florida) from Tampa to Ft. Myers. Again, after months of review readings and speaking with different people from those areas, I quickly eliminated all of the limousine companies in that area with the exception of (1).

This one company from the Southwest Florida area did not have many reviews, however, they were later eliminated due to their unavailability. I guess I am a little old fashioned but hearing a live voice on the other end of the phone means a great deal to me.

If a company is so large or so busy that they can’t have a live person available to answer the phone during business hours, then the company is to large to care about making my big day a truly special one. Therefore, this company was eliminated and I went back to that tablet with the name of the company (“Millenium Limo”) that was still holding the #1 spot. I studied the reviews once again, this time more carefully than the first and was pleased with the comments customers had left about their experience. I spoke with a reputable event planner from the area whom opinion means a lot to me, about Millenium Limo. Without hesitation she stated, “Millenium Limo is the best. Their drivers are very professional and they are always prompt. Their vehicles are always nice and clean”. This was enough said to me, she answered all of my questions before I could ask them.

So on today, October 6, 2009, I again chose the very best company to take part in my special day. I made the call to the #1 limousine company, a company that is everything that I am looking for. The representative was very patient (I had a million questions) and professional. I can now attest to the professionalism of this company and I can truly say that I am looking forward to having “Millenium Limo” share in my special day.

I would like to thank-you and send you best wishes, once again. If for any reason you were in doubt, don’t be, you are #1 in South and Southwest Florida, keep up the good work!

Wellington, Florida