Lincoln Road Street Market

By Nick Jurkowski


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If you’re anything like me, you cannot survive on nightclubs alone. Naturally, you need some diversion during the day to kill the time until you can get back to the important business of enjoying Miami’s unparalleled club scene. Luckily, Miami has a wide variety of activities and destinations to hold your attention during the day. One of the most well known (popular with tourists and locals alike) is Lincoln Road.


Lincoln Road is a pedestrian street market that offers all manner of food, shopping, and entertainment. From the late 1920s to the early 1950s, it was the commercial center of Miami Beach, featuring 5 movie theaters, a Saks Fifth Avenue, and numerous upscale commercial areas for the wealthy patrons of the day. By 1980, almost all of the shops had closed, and Lincoln Road’s heyday was over. Luckily, it began a renovation into the attraction it is today.


Nowadays, you will find a huge variety shopping, eating, and people watching here. In addition to the normal GAP/Banana Republic generic-type clothing stores, there are also a number of less ubiquitous destinations, and Sundays feature a market with fresh produce and always interesting, sometimes bizarre handicrafts. There is also a healthy smattering of art galleries that will certainly hold your attention (if you dig that kind of thing). These varied attraction and unique history helps the Lincoln Road area maintain a very individual character. Naturally, the people watching at these venues is always entertaining (there’s no where in the world to people watch quite like Miami), and just wondering around the area is a great way to kill some time and spend some money (provided you don’t get run over by a scantily-clad roller-blader).


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