Limousines Prom Nights

Springtime in America means a lot of things to a lot of people, but none so much as prom night to the seniors on their final year of high school. Every year Millenium Limos gets many calls for this nationwide event, and for nearly three months we get hundreds of calls from seniors looking to travel to their prom in a limo. Back in the day, each couple would take their own car to the event, but since the mid-90s the popularity of limos jumped up to a whole new level. It seems that every senior in America, makes their arrival more important than the dance itself. It seems that hiring a limo is now the first thing that comes to mind when the dance is announced.


However, beware! Many parents prefer having their kids take a limo and back, since it is safer and much more fun. As the saying goes, getting there is half the fun.  Hiring a reputable, licensed company is therefore a must. I urge you not to trust Yelp or any online review sites, since they are not regulated and many companies write their own 5 star reviews, and give the competition a 1 star, childish but true. You should only trust the Consumer Affairs Office of the county in which you live, and the State Consumer Affairs to get the right information. Those three agencies are regulated, and their records are 100% real.


Once you have chosen a limo company, it is recommended that you also check if their drivers or chauffeurs are licensed to drive such vehicles as limousines. The license in question is called a Hack License. Keep in mind that in order to obtain a hack license, the county does a criminal background check on the driver, and his or her driving history. Also verify that the company in question has the proper permit to operate in the county in which you live – ask for their permit number. Next, ensure the limo company is properly insured. God forbids; should anything happen to any of the passengers, you will be responsible for any medical bills if the limo company does not have adequate insurance coverage, so protect yourself and your children.


At Millenium Limos, all of our chauffeurs are fully licensed and we have the best ratings with Consumer Affairs offices. We are very real, fully and properly insured – all of our vehicles, big and small, enjoy the best insurance coverage.


Since the popularity of the Limos has exceeded many expectations and the groups of students are getting larger every year it seems, the popularity of the party buses is now undeniable. Arriving in a party bus and a limo has become the norm for all seniors all across the country.

Therefore, I would urge you not to wait until the last minute to hire the limo or party bus of your choice. During the “prom season” party buses and limousines are items in high demand everywhere across the nation. Unfortunately, limo companies that are not reputable or licensed will take your reservation and then, if they get a better-paying customer, they will act as if your reservation was never made through them. They will tell you that your booking was canceled since the information you gave them was wrong. Do yourself a favor and ask for a written contract with all the fees and make sure to stop by their office and view their limos.


Following is a list you should always have with you when ordering a limo for your children’s prom;

  • Ask to see the vehicles in person – We, at Millenium Limos, would welcome you to take a tour of our garage and to choose the limo or party bus that would suit your children’s prom night best.
  • Ask for License Number of the county you will be picked up – At Millenium Limos, we will show you our licenses and permits.
  • Get written contract with total price – We have contracts ready for your perusal and signature.
  • Ask for name of driver and ask for their Limo License number – We will introduce you to our drivers and will be pleased to show you their hack licenses.
  • Check with the county for their ratings and if there are any complaints – We would welcome you to check with all reputable agencies to verify our ratings and if we have been faced with any complaints.
  • Check with to ensure the company is legit – Millenium Limos has been operating since 2001 now and has the best record in the business.

Ultimately, we, at Millenium Limos, will never ask you to pay anything in advance, such as some companies do. I recommend that you only deal with companies that will charge you the day of the service, and as far as paying a deposit, why?, demand to pay the day of the service after you see the vehicle and you are fully satisfied.


Consumer affairs link per county


Dade County;

Millenium Permit for Dade County 70150-XX


Broward County;

Millenium Permit for BWRD County LL7-056X


Palm Beach County;

Millenium Permit for PB County VH1118


Fort Myers;

FM County 2010


DOT for Party Buses and Limo Buses Nation Wide;


Now, for Party Buses and Coach Buses you need to contact the Department of Transportation, also known as D.O.T, and before calling them make sure to ask the limo company for their DOT number, and also make sure the driver has a CDL license and his medial card is up to date. Warning, if a Party Bus driver gets pulled over and it fails DOT inspection, or the CDL license is not good or the medical card is expired, expect a call from the DOT police to have you pick up your kids from the side of the road, since the bus will be towed and the driver arrested.

Millenium Limo DOT # 1572936


State of Florida consumer affairs;