Lauderhill Limos

La Creperie in Lauderhill


One of the many cities in the South Florida metropolitan area, Lauderhill is a medium-sized community notable for the large number of Jamaican-born elected officials outside of Jamaica (a fact that has earned it the affectionate title of “Jamaica Hill” by many West-Indians). It isn’t an incredibly vibrant city (when compared with Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, anyway), but Lauderhill still pleases – in part because of some of the wonderful restaurants they have in town. On the weekends, you will often find the best ones choked with diners from Ft. Lauderdale and even Miami. My favorite is La Creperie.


La Creperie is an amazing bistro-style restaurant that specializes in (surprise) Breton-type crepes. If you were to claim that this was just a simple crepe-house, however, you’d be dreadfully mistaken. The culinary masterworks of Lucien Retty are widely varied, and transcend even the written menu. His famous bouillabaisse, for example, is delicious, full of shrimps, mussels, swordfish, and cod, and only available on the last weekend of every month. It sells out incredibly fast, so I’d recommend an early reservation if you want to partake. As far as regular menu items go, the duck is fabulous, and is always served with fresh raspberries or bing cherries.


Naturally, you couldn’t have a place called La Creperie without sizable portions of crepes. Over 30 varieties of fillings are available, from standards like apples and cherries to seafood. Crepes Suzette are my favorite – the Grand Marnier adds the perfect orangey hint. Retty’s deserts are known far and wide, to the point that you occasionally have to reserve them in advance. His house Napoleans, for example, go even faster than the bouillabaisse, but are worth the trouble to get one.


La Creperie is a wonderful place, and is perfect for either special occasions or more casual dining. A trip to La Creperie would pair perfectly with a limousine from Mirage Limo – there’s nothing quite like a limousine ride to get you in the mood for world-class cuisine. Have fun in Lauderhill!