Lauderdale Lakes Limos

The Silver Pond Chinese Restaurant in Lauderdale Lakes


Lauderdale Lakes might be described as a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale; it is located just to the northwest. It is notable in a few respects: To start, the very first Office Depot in the nation is located in Lauderdale Lakes, and is often frequented by office manager pilgrims. Secondly, it is notable for its interesting demographic history. It started out as a retirement spot for elderly northeasterners, but recently many West-Indians, particularly Jamaicans, have moved in (Lauderdale Lakes now has one of the highest concentrations of West Indians in Florida). This gives Lauderdale Lakes an interesting demographic mix, and a very unique cultural ambiance.



It may surprise you, therefore, that my featured attraction for Lauderdale Lakes has nothing to do with either the Northeast or the West Indies. Instead, I recommend a simple Chinese restaurant. This restaurant, however, is one of my favorites in the Fort Lauderdale area, both for its amazing food and its fantastic prices.



The Silver Pond Chinese Restaurant is the kind of place you can go for any occasion – it’s informal enough for casual meals, but the food is so good, you’ll want to go for special occasions too. The food is predominantly Cantonese, and though I generally prefer Szechwan or Hunan when I eat Chinese food, the Silver Pond crafts their dishes so skillfully that regional stylistic considerations no longer matter. Cantonese food is ideally known for delicate sauces and far lighter seasonings than Szechwan or Hunan. My picks for meals are as follows: for a first course, try the winter melon soup – chunks of winter melon mingle with loads of shrimp, pork, mushrooms, and crab meat in a chicken consommé base. Winter melon itself tastes a bit like potato, but has the look of a translucent cube. As seafood is a bit of a house specialty, I would recommend taking full advantage the Silver Pond’s fruits de mer. If you are so inclined, try the whole steamed sea bass, infused with ginger and scallions (one of the most expensive items on the menu, you pay market price for it). If seafood isn’t your thing, try their Peking Duck.



The Silver Pond is definitely Lauderdale Lakes’ best restaurant, and is perfect for any occasion, whether an impromptu drop in or a special event, complete with reservation and a limousine from Millenium Limo (a limo is always a good idea). Lauderdale Lakes awaits!