Last Stop: Key West

Our last stop on the road is Key West. Once simply a hangout of unsavory characters like pirates, drug-runners, and the United States Navy, Key West was brought new life by an economic revival spurred in large part by the Key’s Gay and Lesbian community. As such, musical theater is big here, as are comfortable shoes. In general, Key West is a thriving community that has much in common with other destinations in the Florida Keys during the day, but really comes into its own after the sun sets.


You will no doubt recognize most of the daytime activities from other locations on the Florida Keys; fishing, diving, and golfing are always popular. If you are so inclined, you can take a stroll along the city’s historic seafaring district, known as Key West Bight. For landlubbers (who also happen to have historical interests), try looking at some of the historic architecture in Bahama Village – this neighborhood was one of Ernest Hemmingway’s favorites.


Once night falls, Key West becomes a different place entirely. Eclectic, sometimes bizarre street performers come out of the woodwork (think oddly costumed mimes and jugglers, for starters). World famous restaurants, clubs, and bars open their doors. A carnival atmosphere takes over, but the party has a decidedly more laid back feeling than nightlife in South Florida. Relax in one of the sidewalk cafes or open air bars, and you’ll soon realize why life on this island is so widely enjoyed. The seafood on Key West is amazing, so be sure you stop in at Alanzo’s Oyester Bar or The Conch Republic Seafood Company to take advantage of some fresh local fruits de mer.


That about wraps up this mini tour of the Florida Keys. No matter where you’re from, a trip to the Keys is always different and rewarding – and you’ll see why they’re so hard to leave.