Hollywood Limos

Downtown Hollywood Florida


Nothing says entertainment like Hollywood, even if that Hollywood is in Florida. There is so much to do that it is difficult to narrow it down to one activity. “The Boardwalk,” Hollywood’s paved promenade by the beach, has attracted scads of walkers and bicyclists since 1924 (though inline skating is still the mode of transportation du jour), as well as a large number of small shops and cafes to cater to them. In the Hollywood proper, there is a superb visual and performing arts center (in the form of The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood) that offers three rotating exhibits, and host a wide variety of performing acts. My favorite part of Hollywood, however, is the downtown district.


Every city’s downtown area is different, and has a personality all its own. While many South Florida downtowns appear a bit contrived, as though they are trying too hard to be an archetype, Hollywood’s comes off as being very honest. Part of that genuine feeling, no doubt, comes from the fact that the downtown district is on the national register for historic places; the original small-town-art-deco feel has been preserved quite well. When combined with great shops, fantastic restaurants, and loads of excitement, Hollywood’s downtown becomes a true pleasure.


The downtown itself is 6 blocks of quaint brick walkways, small cafes, and all manner of shops, art galleries, and restaurants. It is also the site for a wide variety of special events and festivals, including my personal favorite, the annual series of outdoor free Hollywood Philharmonic concerts. Hollywood’s downtown really shines in the nightlife department – an interesting place to go after hours is Club M, which is an interesting mix of pub and nightclub. My favorite restaurant is probably the Argentango Grill – a great Argentine steakhouse that specializes in lesser known cuts of meat – great with a good Malbec.


Downtown Hollywood is a great place to go if you want all the fun and excitement of some of South Florida’s bigger nightlife hotspots, but less of the attitude and crowds. Naturally, anyone embarking on a nightlife excursion is advised to take a Millenium Limo, so as to be able to enjoy the night to the maximum extent. The clubs and restaurants of downtown Hollywood beckon, and Millenium Limo will get you there.