Hobe Sound Limos

The Sites of Hobe Sound


Hobe Sound is right in the middle of one of the most tranquil spots in Florida. Situated along Florida’s “Treasure Coast,” this area provides dozens of miles of serene, idyllic beaches – just the place for a romantic getaway.


One doesn’t go to Hobe Sound for a cosmopolitan, Miami-esque experience. You won’t find a whole lot of trendy clubs or expensive restaurants in this area. What you will find are quaint shops and flea markets, charming cafes, world class golf-courses, and miles of pristine beach. The beaches along Hobe Sound are some of the nation’s best – keep an eye out for nesting sea turtles (they are endangered and hard to find, but you can join turtle-watching tour groups, if that’s your thing). If you really want upscale shops and fine dining, take a short drive to Vero Beach. And, if you get too tired of the quiet and relaxation, Palm Beach is only an hour away.


Clearly, the draw of Hobe Sound is the natural beauty and grandeur of the Treasure Coast, combined with the peace and quiet of small-town Florida. It is the perfect spot to go for a romantic trip. Why not rent a limousine from Millenium Limo to take you to one of the small bed and breakfasts on the coast? The Retreat at Hobe Sound, for example, is available to be rented nightly and features 2.5 bathrooms and a pool. You could drive in (in a luxurious Millenium limo, of course), unpack your things, and take a romantic walk along the oft-deserted beaches. You might even see some nesting sea turtles…


Hobe Sound may not be the stereotypical Florida destination, complete with expensive nightclubs and beautiful people grinding against one another. Beach communities like this seem to have stepped out of a different time, and are completely separate experiences from the big city. This could either be a blessing or a curse, but I am willing to bet that at some point everyone wants to get away from it all: the Hobe Sound beaches are just the places to do that, especially if you use a Millenium Limousine to get there.