Historic SoBe

See Historic South Beach Through Her Drinking Establishments


As you no doubt have heard, South Beach has quite an interesting history. From it’s start as a coconut farm, to the boom in the 20’s that saw the advent of streamline moderne art deco architecture, to the Miami Vice era, Miami Beach has seen quite a lot. One of the things that makes it so interesting is that in spite of this sense of history, the entertainment landscape of South Beach is ever changing. Clubs and restaurants come and go, and there’s always a new flavor of the month.


Keeping this in mind, it is interesting to check out a few of the destinations that have remained South Beach standards for some time – in particular, The Clevelander and Wet Willie’s.


The Clevelander is a combination hotel, bar, and restaurant. Famous as much for their events and atmosphere as for their food and drink (this concept should be familiar by now to those who hang around South Beach, there is always something happening at this Ocean Drive staple. Don’t miss Splash, every Saturday afternoon – it’s a giant pool party that features (surprise, surprise) scantily- clad models and thumping music. Their drinks are imaginative and tasty, and their food is exactly as you would expect.


Wet Willy’s specialty is daiquiris. They have probably put more effort into figuring out how to make the perfect daiquiri than anyone else in history. The have many other drinks as well (my favorite is their take on the White Russian). The food is good bar-style fare, and (just as is the case with the Clevelander), you’re paying for ambiance and excitement as well as more tangible goods.


In a place like South Beach, anything that can stick around for more than 10 years has got to be doing something right. Do yourself a favor and brush up on South Beach history – through libation!