Millenium Limo Goes Green

About Millenium Limo

Millenium Limo is committed to the environment and is working to leave a smaller footprint on the world today. We are stiving to make Millenium Limo a Go-Green company that works to improve the environment and the economy.


  • Millenium Limo has installed Hydrogen Chambers in all their vehicles to improve the MPG by 35%.
  • All vehicles that are high gas burners have been removed from Millenium Limo’s inventory.
  • Fuel efficiency is not the only thing that Millenium Limo considers when buying vehicles. Millenium Limo researches vehicles thoroughly and only purchases vehicles that are made of recyclable materials and reduce excessive weight when designing the car.
  • Millenium Limo is using Nitrogen gas in the tires of their vehicles, which helps improve gas mileage.
  • The drivers at the Millenium Limo undergo training to learn how to operate a vehicle in a more gas efficient way and share in the interst of this pursuit since gas is, in part, paid by them.

It seems that the whole world is embracing more environmentally conscious ways of living these days and striving to work together to make sure that we leave a smaller footprint on our environment. Miami is no exception to this trend and is, in fact, a hotbed of “green” activities. Take a look at some of the ways Miami is making a difference for the earth we share and making their residents cooler for it:

Green Building

Miami is full of amazing buildings and prime examples of exemplary architecture, from the incredible Art Deco buildings of the 1920’s to the Miami Modern (MiMo), an architectural style form the 50’s and 60’s specific to the region. The newest addition to the architectural landscape of Miami is a green tower going up in the design district which is being referred to as COR. This amazing building, designed by Chad Oppenheim, features wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, and solar hot water generation all inside an edgy and modern frame. It seems that the future of the next Miami architecture style may be green at its core.

Green Party

We all know that Miami is the place for the hottest parties and one of the best tickets in town is the green party, and this one is 100% Ralph Nader free. The Catalina Hotel and Beach Club hosts a green party every Friday with live music, organic drink specials, and fabulous organic hors d’oeuvres. There are also green raffles for organic items that benefit the Environmental Coalition of Miami Beach. Helping the environment is a whole lot sexier with parties like these, so hug a tree and toss back that all natural cocktail.

Green Education

Everyone seems to be getting motivated about making this world a better place these days, but many people don’t know where to start. For those fortunate enough to live in Miami, there are resources to help you get started within easy reach. The Green Urban Living Center at Miami Dade College offers classes in everything from healthy cooking, to environmentally conscious landscaping, to children’s classes. Many of their classes are only $32 and take 3 hours, so they are easy to afford and fit into a busy lifestyle. Find a new passion, maybe even make new friends, with classes that teach you to love and care for the world we live in.

Green Transportation

Cruising around Miami is never better than it is from the back of a limo. However, many of these cool rides for your good times are gas guzzlers that are bad for the environment. Not so at Millenium Limo, one of the most respected Florida limo companies out there. From adding hydrogen chambers to their vehicles to reduce gas mileage to using recyclable materials in the construction of the vehicles themselves, Millenium Limo is making strives to create super hot rides that are cool with the environment.

Green Shopping

Shopping is a major pastime in Miami, so is it any surprise that one of the best stores for environmentally friendly goods is based there? Ecoist makes super stylish accessories and gifts that are sustainable as well as great looking. Many of their products are made by recycling materials that are already out there, like billboards and candy wrappers. You can shop their wares online or in store, so go get yourself a gift and feel good about it this time.

Our Clients Say

“Dear Owner of Mirage Limos, Just wanted to drop you guys an email and tell you of our experience with the limo rental for my Department Meeting that we held in Ft. Lauderdale this past weekend. The date of our rental was Friday December 16th, 2005. Our driver was Eddie. I wanted to congratulate your company for the experience, the limo was great, we were all very impressed, what impressed us the most was the driver “Eddie”, he was courteous, was a great navigator, smooth driver, and great host. We had a really good time and wanted to pass this along to you and your company. “

Jorge L. Martin, Vice President Real Estate and Construction, NationsRent, Inc. 450 East Las Olas, Suite 1400, Fort Lauderdale, Florida