Getting to the Airport in Style

By Nick Jurkowski


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Everyone wants to get to the airport without having to drive themselves. Naturally, navigating the fiendishly circuitous routes of airport streets only to have to park in long-term parking (and pay exorbitant prices for the privilege) is not most peoples’ idea of a good time. There are a few alternatives. One of the most popular is the airport shuttle service.


The airport shuttle can seem an attractive offer. It’s usually about twenty dollars, and they pick you up at or near your house. The problem, as I see it, is that you have to leave even further in advance than you would normally, and you have to stop at many others’ homes along the way. I find that the crowded nature of these vans (combined with the smooth jazz music they play incessantly) only serves to add to the stress of traveling, and that in general, they aren’t worth the 20 dollars their service costs. What alternative would I recommend?


While I wouldn’t necessarily advocate always renting a limo (unless you are fabulously wealthy and enjoy luxury), I would recommend it to everyone for their more “special” trips. There is no better way than to kick off a vacation than climbing in a luxury vehicle and not worrying about airport traffic. Millenium offers very competitive prices, and (depending on how far away you live from the airport), I’d expect to pay 50-75 dollars for the whole trip. It’s an even better idea to give Millenium a call if you are coming to the Miami airport for a vacation. There’s nothing harder than trying to negotiate an unfamiliar city after a long flight.


Hopefully this gives you some idea of why I believe that limos are better deals for your dollar than airport shuttles. Keep Millenium in mind for an special trips you have planned, into or out of – Miami.


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