Welcome to Millenium Limo’s home on the web. Our site was designed with you in mind…very informative and customer friendly. We would like to be your ground transportation specialist. But, more importantly, we want you to choose the right limousine company. Don’t make a precious mistake! Most people wouldn’t hire the cheapest surgeon, yet many consumers shop for a limousine service in this fashion. The biggest mistake you could make when hiring a limousine service is basing your decision solely on the “best price.” This may translate into a large risk for you. “Do you want to accept the risk?!”

You made the wise decision to go in style, and you know very well how much you are spending, what is an extra couple of dollars to guarantee a perfect night?

This is an additional charge collected from the client to help pay for high fuel cost and all Licenses and permits required by each and every county that the vehicles operate.

Remember, laws differ from State to State. There is no limousine company in the state of Florida that has a Liquor license. All Limousines are “Bring Your Own Booze.” A lot of Limousine companies offer you free liquor in their vehicles; but do keep in mind, that unless they are supplying you with a new bottle that day, you do not know how long it has been in the limo. Never accept liquor out of a Limousines Crystal Bottle. You may possibly be drinking left over bottles by previous clients that the driver pours into what they call the Limo Crystal Bottle. These bottles sit inside the Limousines day after day, and no telling who put their dirty hands on it or if the last person drank straight from the bottle.

Keep in mind that a driver can make or break the occasion! Make sure the driver knows the area where you want to go. At Millenium Limousine, we only hire experienced chauffeurs who know all major areas. A driver who does not know the area, may possibly get lost ruining your night, not to mention that you will end up paying for the extra time. Ask for the driver experience, and knowledge of the area. Ask for the driver’s phone number and make sure to call him or her ahead of time. Always expect the best from the driver, keep in mind that beside the vehicle he is the one that will make your night enjoyable. Make sure you are able to communicate with the driver. As foolish as this might sound, a good amount of drivers out there can only drive, but cannot communicate.

A driver should be able to recommend different clubs or restaurants, get you in and keep you from standing in lines. Of course during the holidays this might not be possible. If you feel he or her cannot help you, have him call the office. The reason you hired a Limo is for you to sit back and relax and enjoy the ride and not to become a back seat driver.

This by far is the toughest question to answer. Reputation and word-of- mouth references are very important when choosing a company. If you know someone who has used a limousine service, you should check with them and see if they were satisfied. Many companies look great in paper and on their Website. One good way is to take a good look at the pictures, and make sure that the background of the photo does not show Snow, Hills, Mountains or any other element that we do not have in florida. Many companies copy and paste pictures from other companies. Always ask to see the vehicles and always get in writing what you are being promised. Ask a friend or a relative, but never ask another limo company.

Every driver by law in every county must have a special license, this license is called a Hack license. In order to obtain this license, a driver must apply in person, allow consumer affairs to do a criminal background check and go thru a training process required by the county. After all of these requirements are met, then the company that they apply with must have an Operational Permit called a For-Hire Limousine License, which is also a long and intense process to obtain. Some of the requirements are training procedures in place for the drivers, criminal background check for the owners, yearly inspection of all vehicles, Insurance requirements, and be up to date with all fees. This is critical to making sure that your time with any limousine company is safe. All required permits are posted on the front windows of the limousine. Make sure that the dates are not expired, if this is the case notify the consumer affairs in your county.

First, find out if they are Certified. As a rule, “IF THEY ARE NOT CERTIFIED BY YOUR COUNTY” stay away from them. There are very good reasons why they are not. Look for the sticker on the front window of the vehicle. The process to receive Certification is a long and arduous task. Not all transportation companies are equal! Certification says a lot about a company! It lets you know that the Company you are choosing has met the rigid criteria and careful scrutiny. If they are Certified and allowed to operate in South Florida, then you are on a good track.

Standard Gratuity is 25%. Keep in mind that it is acceptable to tip the driver extra, but always make sure the driver does not include the 25% on the total before handing you the bill. Very often clients end up tipping drivers 50%.

Every Company has different rates, some are higher than other, but in general they are all competitive. Do not get fooled by judging companies by their rates. Many times the lower price company has the better vehicles. It is a standard policy to charge a transportation service fee of 15% or more. It is perfectly legal but most clients do not realize this until it is time to pay at the end of the night. Always ask for the break down of the charges ahead of time, and demand a confirmation Via Fax or E-mail.

This is by far the most important question when renting a Limo. The best way to avoid a MAJOR disappointment is to make an appointment to inspect the vehicle you plan on renting. Never rent a Limo that is more than 3 years old. All limousines get used and abused, and by far 3 years or more is too much for a limo to handle. Ask to have all the information pertaining to the limousine you are renting put in writing and make sure it is the same one advertised on their Web Site. A reliable and professional company will be more than happy to provide you with a signed contract. For your comfort, make sure to ask if the Air conditioning in the vehicle works properly, and if the vehicle is fully licensed and insured by the county.

No! Please be very careful when renting an exotic vehicle. When you call around, it seems that everyone owns these vehicles, but in reality there is only a hand full of companies that do. Ask to see the vehicle and make sure to ask for a contract specifying the type of vehicle you are getting.

This is perhaps the one question that is asked of me the most. Here are the facts: There are a few companies that will make you a promise that they will pick you up at certain time after an event. It is not possible to make such a promise, because the same promise was made to another party sharing the same car. The only way to insure that a limousine is there when you need it during your event is to lease it for that period. It is a fact that the good companies in our area often have to bail out the clients of others who choose to run their business that way. It’s a tough answer, but it’s the truth.

Millenium Limousine requires that cancellations be received by certified mail 14 days prior to the scheduled pick-up time. If you fail to cancel by certified mail 14 Days prior to your scheduled pick-up time you will be charged in full for the reservation. Any changes to you reservation will incur a $10 admin fee per change.

All deposits, if required, at reservation placement are strictly non-refundable when reservation is placed; even if you cancel your reservation within the prescribed time frames. Furthermore the balance in full will be due should you fail to cancel by the prescribed time frames or no-show at pick-up time. Round trip reservations must be cancelled as two separate reservations.

All jobs will be charged a non refundable $250 deposit per limo booked
I understand and agree to pay the entire contract price if cancellation is not allowed

Millenium Limo, Inc requires that all change requests be received by certified mail a minimum of 14 days prior to scheduled pick-up time and are subject to availability. If, a reservation change cannot be accommodated and results in a cancellation you will be charged for the reservation in full; if, the cancellation is not received within the prescribed cancellation periods listed above.

Millenium Limo will charge your credit card soon after services are rendered.

Millenium Limo requires that all changes, confirmations and cancellations be called into our dispatch center at 800-808-2062 or 954-447-4227

Millenium Limo will only bill you for the time used; as long as it exceeds our hourly minimum charge, as long as no special rate was quoted for the extended hours. If that is the case, then the regular rate will be applied to the minimum hours used, or the minimum required, which ever is greater.

Availability changes daily and we suggest you place reservation as soon as you have firm travel dates and times.

Millenium Limousine updates all flight arrival times and we arrive when your plane lands, no matter whether you arrive late or early provided we have a correct flight number

Millenium Limousine provides 30 minutes (45 minutes for international Arrivals requiring customs clearance) of free wait time on each Airport Arrival Transfer for you to deplane and pick-up your luggage. If you do not meet your Chauffeur or call us within 30 minutes (45 minutes for international Arrivals) of your plane landing, we will consider you a “no-show” and you will be charged in full for the reservation.

Millenium Limousine’s Airport Transfer rates are based on a point to point transfer and your Chauffeur is instructed to use the most direct route for expediency, if you would prefer the Chauffeur use a specific route our hourly rates and minimums will apply, plus applicable fees/taxes and gratuity.

Each pick-up location is different. Airport pick-up locations are listed on the Rates Page and we confirm all other pick-up locations at Reservation placement.

Here are the most basic questions you should ask when renting a limousine

Do you own the vehicle you are renting me?


  1. Can I see the vehicle?
  2. How long you have been in business? To confirm this, you can go online and type www.sunbiz.org. Do a search of any company under the name they advertise. If that name does not come up, it’s a good chance that company is not incorporated, licensed and insured. A major RED flag. Notify your local Consumer affairs.
  3. Do you have permits? Do keep in mind that every county has its own permits, and every Port Including POM, POE, MIA, FBI do also. If for any reason you get pulled over by consumer affairs/ and the vehicle is not permitted/ there is a good chance that all passengers will be asked to get out of the car and grab a Taxi/ and the Limo will be towed and impounded.
  4. Do you have Insurance?
  5. Are all your drivers fully licensed and Insured?
  6. Are your vehicles and Drivers licensed in the County you are being picked up? How many limousines does the company have?
  7. It’s always best to have the limousine service provide proof of insurance before you rent a limo.
  8. What credit cards are accepted?
  9. Find out if the limousine service has a policy for cancellations?
  10. Are the limousine companies you are calling farming out the work to other limousine companies?
  11. Can you rent a limo for a flat rate?
  12. Are there any discounts for weekday limousine rental rates?
  13. What type of limousine is required? Don’t assume when you rent a limo that every limousine service has the same cars!
  14. What make and model and year is the limousine?
  15. Perhaps you want to rent an SUV Limo instead of multiple limos.
  16. Do you want an exotic limousine? (Hummer limousine, SUV limos. etc)
  17. When you rent, a limo, what special features do you want? TV or DVD in the Limousine?
  18. Ask about free Refreshments in the limos!
  19. Do you have special needs when you rent a limo? (Child seats, handicap access, etc.)
  20. Is your limousine going to smell like smoke?
  21. Is the limousine driver uniform formal or casual?
  22. Can you rent a limo with special packages for weddings, bachelor/bachelorette, birthdays, etc?

Questions to ask when doing a one way trip

  1. Will the limousine driver meet you at the terminal or door?
  2. If you rent a limo will driver assist you with your luggage?
  3. If a plane is late, what is the cost for the rental limousine to wait?

The above FAQ is not a complete breakdown of our policies. Please refer to our reservation page for our updated contract and Stipulations forms. Also, make sure to read our cancellation policy prior to “Click to Accept” online reservation.