Deerfield Beach Limos

The Beaches of Deerfield


Deerfield Beach started humbly in the early 1900’s as a pineapple growing community, and it remained as such until well into the 1940’s. Around this time, however, the popularity of the Florida coast really began to take off, and along with it, the popularity of Deerfield Beach soared. Today, Deerfield Beach is a thriving community and recipient of the 2000 Blue Wave award for the most pristine beach in Florida (and would thusly be high on the list for most pristine beach in the nation, and very possibly most pristine beach in the entire world).


There are many fun things to do in Deerfield, featuring many small shops and restaurants. The city holds weekly dances with live music during the summer, which can be a good time provided you like to dance. The best part about Deerfield Beach, however, is naturally the beaches. There are tons of activities awaiting the pleasure-seeker in this region. In addition to the obvious attractions (swimming and beachcombing), you will find a 24-hour, 920 ft. fishing pier, as well as the beautiful reefs in the area. These reefs are easily explored with SCUBA gear, and can be accessed easily with the help of local businesses like SunStar Aquatic Services. SunStar specializes in helping you explore the reefs and the shipwrecks that may inevitably be included with the exploration of these reefs.


There are countless shipwrecks that dot the reefs off the coast of Deerfield Beach, and SunStar will help you explore all that you want. When I went down, we looked at the massive hulk of the Copenhagen, a massive Danish freighter that ran aground in 1900. The ship itself has become a part of the reef, and is now a haven for coral, fish, and other marine life. The best part about the Copenhagen is the fact that it is only under about 20 feet of water, which makes it easily accessible for both snorkelers and SCUBA divers. It’s really a fantastic destination.


The next time you want to go to the beach, head to Deerfield – to make it really special you could even go in a limousine from Millenium Limo. There’s tons to do, and it really is one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, the Blue Wave award doesn’t lie.