Dade City Limos

The Kumquat Festival


Dade city is a quintessential small southern town, complete with small shops, farms, and the focal point of the town, the original courthouse built in 1909. The economy of Dade City is almost completely reliant on citrus production and cattle farming, which, as you might imagine, means that there is not generally very much going on in town. Even so, there are a few entertainment opportunities in this charming little town; there are several golf courses, as well as the Pioneer Florida Museum, which has collected examples of clothing and artifacts from early pioneer life; it’s the only museum of its kind in Florida. Dade City’s crowning attraction, however, is the annual Kumquat Festival.


Every year, Dade City celebrates a curious little citrus fruit beloved by all who know and eat it. The kumquat is, for those of you not well versed in plant growths, a small orange-like fruit with a sweet skin and tart pulp that is delicious both fresh and preserved. The Dade City area is the world’s largest producer of this fruit, and so they naturally like to celebrate that fact with a festival glorifying all things kumquat, and let me tell you, it is quite an event.


About 30,000 people show up to the festival each year to partake in music, craft shows, shopping, and of course, kumquats. There are recipe contests to delight the palette, and a beauty pageant to dazzle the eyes. The festival lasts several days, and offers a fantastic variety of attractions and entertainment.


Of course, no trip to a citrus festival would be complete without using a limousine from Millenium Limo to get to and from the event. I think you will find that the literal flavor and sweetness of the kumquat mingles perfectly with the figurative flavor and sweetness of any of Millenium Limo’s luxury vehicles. Imagine the looks on the faces of the other festival goers when you pull up to the festival in a sleek limo, open the doors, and throw handfuls of kumquats to the masses like the tycoons of old. All this can be possible with Dade City’s Kumquat Festival and Millenium Limo; traveling any other way would simply be the pits.