Crobar review

By Nick Jurkowski


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As you all well know, South Beach is one of the nightclub capitals of the world. It’s always fun to visit the quintessential Miami Beach nightclubs – those that have been around for a little while and continue to be popular, reminding us of why South Beach is too expensive and we should just go to Fort Lauderdale instead (not really…but kind of). One such classic South Beach nightclubs is Crobar.


In the topsy-turvy Miami club world, on one day a club owner will find his venue to be the most popular in town, and on the next day, he’ll be burning the club down for the insurance money. This makes the fact that Crobar has been an incredibly popular club for years all the more impressive a feat. Clearly, Crobar must have something going for it.


The overall appeal of Crobar is that it doesn’t rely on kitschy themes to catch the eye of the fickle South Beach club-goers; the secret to its longevity. It is everything you think of when you think of a Miami Beach nightclub, offering three rooms, all of which are decorated in very different, effective themes. There is also a glassed-off VIP area that will cost you an arm an a leg to get into, but if you feel like splurging, it’s well worth it. Their DJs play a standard club fare of house and hip-hop, but the music never gets tiresome and always fit’s the atmosphere.



Being in Crobar for a night is a wonderful sensory overload, between the thumping music, lavish club décor, scantily clad patrons, and the sights, sounds, and smells relating thereto. When you want a fantastic, solid Miami nightclub that has stood the test of time, check out Crobar.


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