Cooper City Limos

Cricket and Cooper City


Cooper City is a small community in Broward County that is home to a large number of orange groves and an even larger number of retirees. There are decent restaurants and golf to be found here, as well as opportunities for antiquing (if that’s your thing). However, in my opinion, Cooper City’s true claim to fame is that they have one of the finest cricket grounds in the entire United States at Brian Piccolo Park.


I became a cricket fan during a trip to England, where my gracious hosts watched the sport whenever they could, inviting me to be a spectator at more than a few games. Similar enough to baseball that it isn’t alien, but different enough that it provides very different challenges and peculiarities, the fact that it hasn’t caught on in a widespread way in America has been a constant source of vexation to me for some time. At any rate, the excitement of a cricket match can certainly rival that of any other sport, and I always do my best to support the sport when the opportunity presents itself.


In 2004, the grounds in Cooper City played to world-class cricket when team USA hosted Canada during the ICC Intercontinental Cup – not a bad game, even though Canada won (the United States/Canada cricket rivalry is the oldest in the game, at 160 years).


Whether you’re a transplanted Briton, and Indian, or just an American who likes cricket, keep an eye on Brian Piccolo Park for possible international cricket action. If the game is big enough, it might even warrant taking a Millenium limo to watch. You can gather your friends and watch the excitement – and since (depending on the league and type of game) cricket matches can last multiple days, you can pile back in the limo for another round day after! After all, limos and cricket go together like sloggers and the Canadian national cricket team.