Coconut Creek Limos

The Butterflies at Coconut Creek


Imagine this scenario: that special entomologist in your life has a birthday coming up. He already has countless nets, ether jars, and bugs on tiny pikes. You are completely out of ideas, but don’t want him to be disappointed. Where do you turn? The answer: Coconut Creek, Florida.


Coconut Creek, Florida is an idyllic little town just twenty minutes to the northwest of Ft. Lauderdale. It offers many of the same amenities (such as bed and breakfasts, cute shops, and a small town atmosphere) as other little towns in the area, but its main claim to fame is that it is the acknowledged butterfly capital of the world. How does one garner such a grandiose title? It isn’t easy, but rest assured that it isn’t mere hype. Coconut Creek has earned it rightfully. There is an annual Butterfly Festival, a Butterfly Parade, and a Butterfly 5k run. However, the jewel in the butterfly crown (so to speak) of Coconut Creek has got to be Butterfly World, the world’s largest butterfly aviary.


Butterfly world is an impressive edifice. As might be expected, much of the part is outside, and it has been painstakingly engineered to be as beautiful as possible while attracting the most butterflies. This means a lot of large flowers and plants, both as nectar sources and hosts for larvae. The diverse eco-system encourages the butterflies to stay (thus eliminating the need for strong-arm tactics, which can easily damage the fragile butterflies, and are frowned upon in the entomological world). The choice of plants and, naturally, butterflies, varies with the seasons. All told, Butterfly World is home to over 80 species and 5000 individual butterflies. It is also home to hundreds of birds, including many species of humming bird. All in all, Butterfly World is a truly spectacular achievement.


So, for that special entomologist in your life (or even that special someone who just really likes butterflies), keep Butterfly World in mind. And why not take them there in a Millenium Limo? Butterflies and limousines always are a good match. Butterfly fanatics of the world: Coconut Creek calls to you!