City of Sunrise Limos

City of Sunrise Limos


The City of Sunrise, Florida is a quaint little burg once known as Sunset (until a horde of angry retirees forced a name change – seriously.) Generally considered to be a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale, it still has a fair number of exciting attractions in its own rite. It also has something that no other city in Florida has: BankAtlantic Center – the home of the Florida Panthers ice-hockey team.


I have been a life-long hockey fan, so when I moved with my family to the Miami area in 1990, I was a little nervous about the hockey situation. You can imagine my happiness when Tampa Bay was awarded an expansion team in 1991. Sadly, I was prohibitively far from Tampa to see games regularly. Luckily, in 1992, we were awarded another expansion team – the Florida Panthers – and they would play in close proximity to my stomping grounds. With all the zeal of a diehard fan, I immediately began following the team in earnest, catching as many games as I could live. I have been a Panthers fan ever since, and eagerly await the day when they again make the Stanley Cup finals (and crush the evil Colorado Avalanche, preferably).


Of course, watching hockey is more fun if you can have a few drinks and yell things at the refs when they make bad calls (e.g., “Hey ref, whattaya do in your spare time? Burn down hospitals?”) To facilitate this, it isn’t a bad idea to get a ride to Sunrise. But who will drive? Do you use a designated driver, thereby potentially depriving one of the fans of optimum fun? Do you take a cab? The answer to these questions is a resounding “No!”


The best way to get to the arena in Sunrise is in a Millenium Limo full of your friends. Millenium offers special sporting event packages that are fantastic deals, and break down to a pittance a person if you bring 8 or 9 of your friends (“a pittance” being an amount determined buy the good folks at Millenium Limo). Look up Millenium the next time you head to Sunrise for a Panthers game – a limo is the best way to get there.