Broward County Limos

Fine Dining in Broward County


Broward County encompasses Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood, and as such, there are many fine destinations to explore ranging from nightclubs, like Automatic Slim’s, to more academic fare, like the Museum of Discovery and Science. While you wouldn’t necessarily think that these two locales would cater to the same audience, you’d be surprised; many nightclub aficionados are also science buffs, with a pocket protector in one shirt pocket and a glow stick in the other.


One of the most interesting, enjoyable, and historic locations in Broward County is a little restaurant called Cap’s Place, the oldest restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale.


Picture this: You and your spouse are celebrating your one year anniversary. Wanting to do something special, you decide to take a limousine to dinner at Cap’s Place. The limo from Millenium picks you up, and you enjoy a relaxing, luxurious ride to the Cap’s dock. Your egress takes you onto the skiff that will take you to the restaurant. The calm, romantic boat-ride helps to whet your anticipation of the meal to come. You enjoy an excellent bottle of pinot noire with your lobster and snapper. As the evening turns into night, you take the skiff back to your waiting limousine – you can imagine where things go from there.


Located off Lighthouse Point in South Florida, Cap’s Place has a 78 year history, and has been known for fresh seafood and hearts of palm salad for years. The fact that it is located on an island (accessible only by Cap’s motor launch) is even more famous than the food – every diner takes a short boat ride to the island restaurant. It started as a 1920’s casino and speakeasy, and has been on the National Register for Historic Places since 1990. Cap’s guests have included the likes of Winston Churchill, the Rockefellers, Al Capone, George Harrison, Errol Flynn, and Joe Namath (not a bad crowd to share restaurant preference with), and Cap’s has won numerous dining awards. Known far and wide for their cobia, snapper, lobster, stone crab, and pompano (as well as freshly shucked clams and oysters), Cap’s Place is a seafood lover’s dream – though they offer fantastic steaks and chops as well.


Check out the most unique dining experience in South Florida and consider a Millenium Limo to take you most of the way. Cap’s Place is the place for historic dining and delicious seafood (not to be confused with delicious dining and historic seafood…. no one likes a stale lobster).