Boynton Beach Limos

Fishing Around Boynton Beach


Boynton Beach is another charming relic of old Florida, located a little to the south of West Palm Beach. As in other small beach communities, you won’t find the mega-clubs and ultra-trendy restaurants and shops (though there are plenty of decent restaurants and very nice shops), but rather groves and groves of orange trees, small marinas, and bed and breakfasts. The main beach at Boynton is nearly always uncrowded, with beautiful white sands stretching far in either direction. Just to the south of Boynton Beach, you’ll find Ocean Inlet Park, which is a great place for swimming, fishing, boat rentals, and having a general “good time.” As with many of these types of communities, you can find fantastic golfing opportunities (Boynton Beach boasts a full 18-hole par 71-championship course).


As you can see, there are opportunities aplenty for recreation options in Boynton Beach. However, if I were going to recommend you do anything in this idyllic beach paradise, it would be to get a guide to take you fishing. There are many guides in this area who can take you out for tuna, tarpon, sailfish, and my personal favorite, swordfish. The knowledgeable guides in this area will be able to tell you exactly how to land these delicious creatures, and you almost never come back empty handed.


I can think of few better team-building activities for your company than to rent a limousine to take down to Boynton Beach for a chartered fishing trip. Imagine your employees’ reactions when you tell them that instead of going to work, they are going into a luxurious Millenium limo for a trip down to the beach, where they will go for a cruise, catching some of the world’s most exotic fish. It would let everyone blow off some steam, get to know each other a little better, and take home some delicious wild fish that they caught themselves (this plan would also make an ideal gift for that special fisherman in your life). It would be hard to beat this scenario, and unless you have access to more limos and possibly a time-machine, I wouldn’t try.


Check out Boynton Beach – come for the orange groves, stay for the fishing – and remember Millenium Limo when you do.