Bowling in Style

By Nick Jurkowski


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The story I’m about to relate to you proves without a doubt that there is no end to the creative ways you can use limousines. There are really very few occassions that aren’t in some way enhanced by large luxury vehicles.


One of my good friends is an amateur bowler in an intermediate bowling league, and his team had reached the finals. They were all fairly excited about it, and wanted both to celebrate and intimidate the other team into making mistakes. To that end, my friend called me to see if I could get him a break on a limousine.


Arriving at your bowling championship with your entire team in a limo was just too fantastic a mental image to pass up, so I did my best to get them a good deal at Millenium for a Hummer H2 limousine. They made their entrance spectacularly, showing up a mere 30 seconds before their match was set to begin (they even went to the trouble of synchronizing their watches with the bowling alley‘s clock), with the giant stereo thumping away. As they hadn’t shown up yet, people were a little curious, and the limousine definitely had the desired effect. They piled out of the vehicle, wearing their light-blue uniforms and toting their bowling balls. The amount of work that had gone into their entrance dazzled and amused everyone, and the match got off to a rollicking good start.


They ended up losing, but not by much. I think they still had a moral and spiritual victory (from creative use of a limousine).


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