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Springtime in America means a lot of things to a lot of people, but none so much as prom night to the seniors on their final year of high school. Every year Millenium Limos gets many calls for this nationwide event, and for nearly three months we get hundreds of calls from seniors looking to travel to their prom in a limo. Back in the day, each couple would take their own car to the event, but since the mid-90s the popularity of limos jumped up to a whole new level. It seems that every senior in America, makes their arrival more important than the dance itself. It seems that hiring a limo is now the first thing that comes to mind when the dance is announced.

However, beware! Many parents prefer having their kids take a limo and back, since it is safer and much more fun. As the saying goes, getting there is half the fun.  Hiring a reputable, licensed company is therefore a must. I urge you not to trust Yelp or any online review sites, since they are not regulated and many companies write their own 5 star reviews, and give the competition a 1 star, childish but true. You should only trust the Consumer Affairs Office of the county in which you live, and the State Consumer Affairs to get the right information. Those three agencies are regulated, and their records are 100% real.

Once you have chosen a limo company, it is recommended that you also check if their drivers or chauffeurs are licensed to drive such vehicles as limousines. The license in question is called a Hack License. Keep in mind that in order to obtain a hack license, the county does a criminal background check on the driver, and his or her driving history. Also verify that the company in question has the proper permit to operate in the county in which you live – ask for their permit number. Next, ensure the limo company is properly insured. God forbids; should anything happen to any of the passengers, you will be responsible for any medical bills if the limo company does not have adequate insurance coverage, so protect yourself and your children.

At Millenium Limos, all of our chauffeurs are fully licensed and we have the best ratings with Consumer Affairs offices. We are very real, fully and properly insured – all of our vehicles, big and small, enjoy the best insurance coverage.

Since the popularity of the Limos has exceeded many expectations and the groups of students are getting larger every year it seems, the popularity of the party buses is now undeniable. Arriving in a party bus and a limo has become the norm for all seniors all across the country.

Therefore, I would urge you not to wait until the last minute to hire the limo or party bus of your choice. During the “prom season” party buses and limousines are items in high demand everywhere across the nation. Unfortunately, limo companies that are not reputable or licensed will take your reservation and then, if they get a better-paying customer, they will act as if your reservation was never made through them. They will tell you that your booking was canceled since the information you gave them was wrong. Do yourself a favor and ask for a written contract with all the fees and make sure to stop by their office and view their limos.

Following is a list you should always have with you when ordering a limo for your children’s prom;

  • Ask to see the vehicles in person – We, at Millenium Limos, would welcome you to take a tour of our garage and to choose the limo or party bus that would suit your children’s prom night best.

  • Ask for License Number of the county you will be picked up – At Millenium Limos, we will show you our licenses and permits.

  • Get written contract with total price – We have contracts ready for your perusal and signature.

  • Ask for name of driver and ask for their Limo License number – We will introduce you to our drivers and will be pleased to show you their hack licenses.

  • Check with the county for their ratings and if there are any complaints – We would welcome you to check with all reputable agencies to verify our ratings and if we have been faced with any complaints.

  • Check with to ensure the company is legit – Millenium Limos has been operating since 2001 now and has the best record in the business.

Ultimately, we, at Millenium Limos, will never ask you to pay anything in advance, such as some companies do. I recommend that you only deal with companies that will charge you the day of the service, and as far as paying a deposit, why?, demand to pay the day of the service after you see the vehicle and you are fully satisfied.

Consumer affairs link per county

Dade County;

Millenium Permit for Dade County 70150-XX

Broward County;

Millenium Permit for BWRD County LL7-056X

Palm Beach County;

Millenium Permit for PB County VH1118

Fort Myers;

FM County 2010

DOT for Party Buses and Limo Buses Nation Wide;

Now, for Party Buses and Coach Buses you need to contact the Department of Transportation, also known as D.O.T, and before calling them make sure to ask the limo company for their DOT number, and also make sure the driver has a CDL license and his medial card is up to date. Warning, if a Party Bus driver gets pulled over and it fails DOT inspection, or the CDL license is not good or the medical card is expired, expect a call from the DOT police to have you pick up your kids from the side of the road, since the bus will be towed and the driver arrested.

Millenium Limo DOT # 1572936

State of Florida consumer affairs;


If cost is a concern, so should common sense be as well. When reserving the limousine of your dreams or the party bus for the sortie of the year, too many people literally surf through dozens of websites looking for the best photo of the vehicle they wish to reserve. Not many people stop to think of what could be happening to their credit card details or their personal information once they filled the little box on the reservation form or once they have given the person on the other end of the line everything he or she asked for. In South Florida there is a significant number of companies which will take your personal data and sell it to the highest bidder. These thieves and fraudsters do not give two hoots whether you are expecting to see the limo of your dreams stop in front of your door next Saturday or whether you’ve invited a dozen friends to join you for your bachelor party – all they want is to sell your financial information for a substantial commission. On the day of the party, or on the night when you want to take your fiancée to her favorite restaurant for her birthday, guess what? That beautiful white Cadillac Escalade ends up to be an old beat-up Excursion or Navigator, and instead of a party bus you’ll end up with a couple of small limos to accommodate your friends. The driver will be very sorry, of course, giving you the famous excuse that the vehicle you wanted or ordered broke down and the one in your driveway is the best they could come up with at the last minute.

And, if you try calling the office to complain, you soon find out the phone has been disconnected recently, or the limo company is not even the same company which took your reservation. No need to go further in your investigation – you’ll lose yourself in a maze of lies and fraudulent dealings.
Perhaps it is necessary at this juncture to tell you that the company who took your details down initially, is probably not licensed, not insured and doesn’t hold the required permits to drive their vehicles through any of the Florida counties.
Just imagine this: you picked a limo based on some gorgeous pictures the company posted online, and you gave your credit card information to an individual who you think is an employee of the enterprise that owns the vehicle you reserved. You did all that based on the beautiful photograph you saw displayed on their website. You did not even bother trying to find out if they’re located in Florida, permitted by each of the counties. Now, what about the driver behind the wheel? Is he licensed? Will you send your son and someone else’s daughter to their prom with a driver who might have a criminal record?  Well, based on your record thus far, the answer is yes. Companies that sell your information to other entities do not take the time to regulate these companies, so the chances of you putting your precious cargo in danger, are pretty high.
However, Millenium Limo is a regulated company; we own the vehicles we advertise. We do not display fancy photographs that have been photo-shopped or pictures of limousine in front of ice-capped mountains that do not even exist in Florida – no. You will notice that each of the vehicles have the same background, and not like other companies, you can come and visit our garage any time. Actually, we would love to give you a personal tour of our facility. Nothing dodgy or bogus about Millenium Limo. We are licensed, insured and hold permits allowing us to travel with you and your guests or family anywhere throughout Florida. In the Millenium Limo garage you will not only find brand new limousines to choose from, but also a company that has been around since 2001 with licensed, insured, fully trained, professional drivers. These chauffeurs are not only top of their ranks, but they are extremely knowledgeable – we only hire the best.
You need to trust the person at the wheel, so, give some serious thought before you choose the company who will drive you, your family and or your friends to your next event.
By Arnaldo Ricciulli

Q: What does a Limo and Comet ISON have in common? A: A memorable experience that will last you a life time


What better way to celebrate Christmas than traveling aboard one of our exquisite Millenium Limousines, watching the light displays throughout Miami, Fort Lauderdale or even South Florida? Perhaps one of the best reasons for doing so is the advent of Comet ISON traveling through our northern skies on the night of Christ’s birth. Between December 25 and 26, 2013 we will be witnessing the most incredible event of the century – Comet ISON will grace our skies with its presence. It will be at its brightest when we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Is Comet ISON the biblical Star of Bethlehem?

“After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi[a] from the east came to Jerusalem and asked, “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him” (Matthew 2:1-12).

It would be a night to remember for anyone who decides to welcome the Star of Bethlehem adorning our skies on the night of December 25, 2013 while riding aboard one of our most comfortable Millenium limousines. Whether you live in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in South Florida, you could witness the memorable event of the century aboard one of our luxurious limos, while enjoying comfortable seating, beer and wine bar, even champagne if you wish.

Millenium limos expert staff and chauffeurs are at your disposal to take you where ever Comet ISON adorns the sky on the night of Christ’s birth.

Don’t hesitate.

Pick-up the phone or visit our website at to reserve one of our fabulous limousines to take you on a tour of the Christmas light displays like you’ve never seen before.

Arnaldo Ricciulli’s personal comment:

“I believe there is some significance to this coming comet, as it will be an event that will create an impression in the skies.”

By Arnaldo Ricciulli

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Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties – Spartan Style


Most of our traditions date back centuries. Our bachelor and bachelorette parties are no different. In the great city of Sparta, around the fifth century BC, the Spartan soldiers would gather around a dinner table to celebrate their friend’s departure into married life. During this lavish dinner, the soldiers would toast the future groom for his courage. Perhaps, these days a dinner would not at all suffice to honor the soon to be married friend. One has to guess that the Spartan soldiers didn’t have access to our Millenium limousines or party buses to take the groom on a night on the town anywhere in South Florida limo.

What we know as bachelor and bachelorette parties in North America are known as stag or hen parties in the UK, or bucks parties, bulls’ parties, and bucks’ night in other parts of the world. However, the parties of today generally include drinking at the clubs, trips to the strip club, gambling (usually on small money games like fruit machines), escort or private stripper services, and plenty of pranks. All of which could be accomplished in the comfort of one of our Millenium Limos or party buses. Our Millenium party buses or fantastic limos are all furnished with comfortable seating, beer and wine bars, Kareoke and Play stations – if you wish – and can take the party goers to where ever they want, such as night clubs, restaurants, strip clubs and bring everyone home safely when the night is over.

In most western cultures, the groom’s male siblings, such as did the Spartan soldiers twenty-five hundred years ago, are the ones making all the arrangements for their brother or friend’s bachelor party. The same goes for your upcoming bachelorette party. Whether you would like to take the future bride on a night on the town, visit night clubs, male strip clubs or have a fantastic night at the most lavish restaurant anywhere in South Florida, Millenium Limo will provide you with the ride of a lifetime.

Of course, we have come a long way from primitive toasts surrounded by a bunch of ruthless soldiers; you can now book a Millenium limo in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach or party bus and continue the tradition of celebrating your bachelor and bachelorette’s last day as a single person, in style.

Don’t let the Spartan tradition pass you by; our Millenium limo’s friendly staff can make all the arrangements necessary for your next bachelor or bachelorette party. You will have the choice between several of our latest and “baddest” limousines or party buses to accommodate your entire party, all of which you can hire at very affordable prices.

So, do give us a call or visit our website at – we are at your entire disposal.

By Arnaldo Ricciulli

Millenium Limo, Serving the following counties: Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Collier, Monroe, and Lee County

Go to the Super Bowl 2014 In New York / New Jersey with style

To many guys, going to the Super Bowl 2014 is a very important event in the year. It is a time of the year when you can watch the team you like and when you can spend some time to bond with your friends. Everyday life and obligations that a marriage life can bring, makes us forget on our friends from high school and college. Going to a Super Bowl 2014 in a limo or Party Bus will give you a great chance to catch up with some old friends and to have fun time while watching sports. If you are working and at the same you are married and have few kids, then that lifestyle probably does not give you a lot of space to spend some time with your buddies. Take this chance and spend some quality time surrounded with men that also like sports as you do.

If you prefer a Mercedes Sprinter Van, we have many to choose from. You can choose from the executive 8 passengers to the 14 passengers limo, or if you prefer an S550 Mercedes Benz or Suburban Executive or even Cadillac Escalade sedan, we also have a many to choose from for the Super Bowl 2014 in New York / new Jersery

When it comes to luxury and style, then the Millenium Limo is the place where you should look for your limo. Millenium Limo will give you a chance to enjoy your ride and your free time with your buddies. Rent a limo and see what it means to have everything set to your taste. You will be able to hang out with your friends, to discuss who is going to win this year’s Super Bowl and just to chill out.

Super Bowl XLVIII is the place to be in 2014 and you should make sure to get the perfect vehicle for that event. If your circle of friends is huge, then the perfect vehicle will be a limousine. New York limo will have room for all of your friends as it is very spacious and luxurious. You can also rent a Limo bus or Limo bus in New Jersey that will make the crowd in your bus to get in the party mood. Party bus in New York is also one of the options if you want to have great time while going to Manhattan for the 2014 Super Bowl.

the Meadowlands Stadium is waiting for you and for your friends to come to the 2014 Super Bowl. Make sure that you get the appropriate limo for that special event by booking your limo in time.

New York is a very nice city that you could visit during the Super Bowl. On Super Bowl you will get a chance to watch your favorite team and if your favorite team wins, then you will have a place where you can celebrate the victory of your team. Party Bus is simply perfect for that occasion as it will give you enough room to have great time with the guys. You can bring along many people as there will be more than enough room for fun.

Limos are usually rented on special occasions and a Super Bowl 2014 is more than enough reason to get one limo. Make your whole experience special by traveling with style while you are accompanied by people you enjoy spending time with.

If you rent a limo from Millenium Limo, then you can be sure that you are going to receive what you have paid for. Chauffeurs at Millenium Limo are very pleasant and they will make sure that you have a great time while you are using their services.

By: Arnaldo Ricciulli

Renting a Sprinter Van in Miami

Everyone has been in a traditional limo in Fort Lauderdale, but have you seen the interior of our Brand New Mercedes Sprinter Limos? You no longer have to crouch down and crawl along the seat to get inside. The Mercedes Sprinter offers an amazing 6 feet 6 inches of interior standing room! It exudes a level of comfort and elegance that your traditional limo lacks when renting a limousine in Fort Lauderdale. The Sprinter gives you much more leg room, the TV’s are much bigger, you are able to stand and walk around when cruising in Miami with a Sprinter Van, and we have plenty of storage space in the rear luggage compartment if arriving in Miami International airport or Fort Lauderdale International airport, or even if you are going on a Cruise at the Port of Miami or Port everglades. The Mercedes Sprinters Van are fully loaded with concert DVD’s, movies and music of all genres to fulfill your entertainment needs.

Safety is always first at Event Shuttle Service. One reason we chose the Mercedes Sprinters Van in Miami and Fort Lauderdale is for their top safety features. They have installed an emergency exit on one of the driver’s side windows and every Sprinter is also equipped with a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. We don’t plan on using any of these items but it gives our drivers and clients peace of mind to know that we are prepared.

A common misconception upon first glance is that they will cost more than a traditional limo being their size and the Mercedes logo across the front. We are proud to offer customized packages for each client depending on what your needs are. Our rates are typically the same as every other limo service in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach area

Weddings with a Limo and a Classic

In Miami, preparing for a wedding is no simple feat. Our Miami Millenium Limos and Classic vehicles will provide your transport solution. Driving your daughter to the church, then taking her and her new husband to the reception could be a nightmare. Why not hiring one of our Miami Millenium Limo luxurious vehicles? Just picture your daughter and son-in-law driven in a Rolls Royce Phantom or even in a 1937 Phantom Rolls Royce Limousine. Wouldn’t that be something else? Our dedicated and experienced chauffeurs could drive your entire wedding party in one or two of our limousines. It would be the perfect gift to the couple. Our Miami Millenium Limo exquisite classic luxury vehicles, our attention to details, our impeccable service will make their wedding the talk of the town. Neither you nor your husband will have to worry about parking, neither will any members of your family, our Miami Millenium Limos will take everyone to the church, to the reception, to the restaurant and back home in perfect style. And you don’t have to worry about costs either – our very affordable rates will save you on gas, parking, and most importantly, on the eventual DUI if some of the guests had too much to drink. So, just pick up the phone and give Millenium Limo a call or click on our website when you need a limo in miami or Fort Lauderdale limos and ready and our friendly and expert staff will take care of all the arrangements with you.  

A Boys’ Night out with a Limo

 The game is over, or the partying has just started. You and the boys want to make it a night out – without the girls. The only problem with that idea is parking everyone’s car in town. That’s not a problem, that’s a nightmare you don’t need. Our Miami Millenium Limo will take care of the driving for you and your friends while you enjoy a beer aboard our Hummer H2 Casino Edition or our Escalade SOBE Edition 3 – how would that be for style and comfort? Our Miami Millenium Limo services are second to none. Our experienced chauffeurs will take you from your home or from any of your chosen pick-up spot and drive you anywhere and everywhere you choose to spend an enjoyable night among friends. Our Miami Millenium Limo services will be at your disposal twenty-four hours’ a day. Our limos are equipped with a fantastic entertainment system, fully stocked beer and wine bar and luxurious seating. And after the night is over, we will drive you home. No parking problem, no eventual DUI – we’ll take care of everything for you. The Miami Millenium Limo services are available at very affordable rates. Just click on our website when you need a limo in miami or West Palm Beach limo and ready or give us a call, and it will be our pleasure to assist you in scheduling a night out with the boys, in style.

Miami Dolphins in a Limo

 The Sun Life Stadium is home to the Miami Dolphins and the upcoming games are mostly sold out. If you and your friends have tickets already, one thing is for sure – forget about parking! With a stadium capacity of more than 75,000, how could you expect to park your cars or being able to fray yourselves a passage through the crowd to get to your seats on time for the first quarter? Millenium Limo in Miami is your answer. Whether there are three or a dozen of you, our extensive choice of luxury limousines is at your disposal to take you and your friends to the stadium doors on time, in comfort and in style. Imagine yourselves getting to the gate in a white Hummer H2 Freedom limousine or a Bentley/Chrysler 200 – You’d be a sensational hit! Millenium Limo in Miami will ensure that you don’t have a problem with parking your cars, with driving you to the game on time and to bring you home when the game is over. Millenium Limo’ chauffeurs are experienced and will offer you a courteous service at extremely affordable prices. Each of our Millenium Limo is equipped with a state of the art entertainment system, comfortable seating and a fully stocked beer and wine bar. So, do give us a call or click on our website when you need a limo in Miami, Fort Lauderdale limo or West Palm Beach Limousines and ready to reserve your Millenium Limo for the next Miami Dolphins’ game and avoid parking fees, scrambling to get to the gates or the eventual DUI if you had one too many before or after the game. Our friendly staff will be happy to go over all of the arrangements with you.

Halloween Party with a Limo

Kids are going back to school soon. What’s next? Halloween, of course! And this year you want to plan ahead. It’s your turn to take your friends to the costume ball. And you have no desire to drive and neither do your friends. Miami Millenium Limo will take care of the driving for you. Imagine you and your friends arriving to the party in an Escalade SOBE Edition 3 or even a Black Hummer H2 Casino Edition – that’s what you would call getting to the party in style! Our Miami Millenium Limo services could transform your average night out into a dream night. Our Miami Millenium Limo chauffeurs will see to your every driving need. No need to worry about parking the car, wondering if a glass of wine or cocktail will be one too many; Our Miami Millenium Limo chauffeurs will see to the parking, to every detail during the ride, and all you have to do is enjoy the drive. Every one of our limousines is equipped with a splendid entertainment system and a fully stocked beer and wine bar, but if you wanted champagne on ice waiting for you as you climb into the luxurious seats, we could arrange for that to happen too. Our impeccable and experienced personnel at our Miami Millenium Limo office will see to it that you spend an unforgettable night. Just give us a call or click on our website when you need a limo in Miami or Fort Lauderdale Limousines and ready to make all the arrangements. Our cheap rates will see you riding through town in one of our limos in grand style. 

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