Best First Date Spots in Miami

By Nick Jurkowski


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Everyone knows that first dates are the hardest. You don’t really know the person yet; their likes, dislikes, tastes, and neuroses are all pretty much unknown at this time. Naturally, you need to pick the right location for the evening, lest the engagement be a distaster from the get-go. You need a place that is fun, somewhat romantic, and not too cheap. A place like Tantra might be great forestablished couples, but for first dates, I have a feeling that the erotic decour and heady scents might be a bit too much, and could scare off a potential companion. The key to all this is to pick a place that, from your limited knowledge of them, they would approve of – not an easy task. To help, I have compiled a couple of my favorites so that even if you have no ideas, you won’t have to pick at random.


My favorite date restaurant is a sushi place called Doraku. The sushi is the some of the freshest you’ve ever had, the ambiance is intimate but not stifling, the menu is very flexible (even vegans can find something to enjoy), and the price is reasonable, but neither cheap nor ultra- expensive. All in all, this is a fantastic location (as long as you like sushi.)


My other staple first-date location is a bit more “hip,” and as such usually suggest it if my potential date seems to be more into the swanky South Beach scene. The Blue Door is certainly more pricey than Doraku, but the food is definitely worth it, and it shows your date that you aren’t stingy. The wait-staff is always very acommodating, and the ambiance is just perfect for a first date. If you have a little money to burn in South Beach, you won’t find a better value or experience than the Blue Door.


These two restaurants have served as my emergency first date backup plans for some time, and have never done me wrong. I hope you are successful in all your romantic endeavors. Good luck, and don’t be afraid to stick your date with the check if it isn’t going well.


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