Bal Harbour Limos

Bal Harbour Limos


Bal Harbor is a small but affluent village on Florida’s Gold Coast (the moniker by which the southeastern Florida coast is known). The self-imposed title, “the world’s most indulgent square mile,” may seem boastful, but it’s probably fairly accurate. Though only a single square mile, you will find more resorts, spas, boutiques, and restaurants here than in the entirety of pre-revolutionary France. The fact that the entire village is, in essence, a tourist destination means that it is difficult to pin down just one place to go. Rather, it is more germane to treat Bal Harbor as a single destination, and point out some of the highlights.


As far as shopping goes, Bal Harbor is the be-all-end-all destination for designers that you’ve never heard of. Essentially rolling the shopping opportunities of New York, London, and Paris all into one tiny resort town, you’ll be able to find all things on the cutting edge of fashion in Bal Harbor. Naturally, after spending so much energy on consumer goods, you will want to try out one of the many world-class restaurants in Bal Harbor. My personal favorite is probably Al Carbon, which specializes in grilling various meats over open flames. There is food for any taste to be found in Bal Harbor’s dining establishments, from the aforementioned grilled meats to the (perhaps) more genteel fares of carpaccio and caviar at the Petrossian.


As far as accommodations go, you need look no further than the Sea View hotel – one of the finest establishments of its kind in the United States. Featuring pool-side cabanas, a salon, and a fitness center (in addition to the normal amenities of luxury hotels), a stay at the Sea View is guaranteed to make it difficult to return to reality. Their restaurant is fantastic, with my personal favorite dish being the pan-roasted duck breast with raspberry sauce. The Sea View is the only place to stay when in Bal Harbor.


Naturally, the nature of Bal Harbor as a destination means it is the perfect place to use a limousine for your travels. The marriage of decadent Florida resort community with decadent Florida limousines is a natural one, and one that is guaranteed to be satisfying. When you next find yourself in Bal Harbor, keep Millenium in mind for your transportation needs. Have fun!