Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties – Spartan Style

Most of our traditions date back centuries. Our bachelor and bachelorette parties are no different. In the great city of Sparta, around the fifth century BC, the Spartan soldiers would gather around a dinner table to celebrate their friend’s departure into married life. During this lavish dinner, the soldiers would toast the future groom for his courage. Perhaps, these days a dinner would not at all suffice to honor the soon to be married friend. One has to guess that the Spartan soldiers didn’t have access to our Millenium limousines or party buses to take the groom on a night on the town anywhere in South Florida limo.


What we know as bachelor and bachelorette parties in North America are known as stag or hen parties in the UK, or bucks parties, bulls’ parties, and bucks’ night in other parts of the world. However, the parties of today generally include drinking at the clubs, trips to the strip club, gambling (usually on small money games like fruit machines), escort or private stripper services, and plenty of pranks. All of which could be accomplished in the comfort of one of our Millenium Limos or party buses. Our Millenium party buses or fantastic limos are all furnished with comfortable seating, beer and wine bars, Kareoke and Play stations – if you wish – and can take the party goers to where ever they want, such as night clubs, restaurants, strip clubs and bring everyone home safely when the night is over.


In most western cultures, the groom’s male siblings, such as did the Spartan soldiers twenty-five hundred years ago, are the ones making all the arrangements for their brother or friend’s bachelor party. The same goes for your upcoming bachelorette party. Whether you would like to take the future bride on a night on the town, visit night clubs, male strip clubs or have a fantastic night at the most lavish restaurant anywhere in South Florida, Millenium Limo will provide you with the ride of a lifetime.


Of course, we have come a long way from primitive toasts surrounded by a bunch of ruthless soldiers; you can now book a Millenium limo in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach or party bus and continue the tradition of celebrating your bachelor and bachelorette’s last day as a single person, in style.


Don’t let the Spartan tradition pass you by; our Millenium limo’s friendly staff can make all the arrangements necessary for your next bachelor or bachelorette party. You will have the choice between several of our latest and “baddest” limousines or party buses to accommodate your entire party, all of which you can hire at very affordable prices.
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By Arnaldo Ricciulli