Aventura Limos

Venturing to Aventura


Aventura may be the only city in America actually named after the mall that was already in the city at the time of incorporation. It isn’t a bad place and, as you might imagine, the mall dominates the list of Aventura-related attractions. Predictably, this is going to be the attraction that I focus on.


Dominating the Aventura landscape, the Aventura Mall has over 250 stores to choose from, plus 18 food court destinations and full-fledged restaurants. It includes, naturally, a movie theater (in the form of a 24 screen megaplex) as well as a giant indoor playground for the young (or young at heart, as long as they don’t mind being escorted off the premises by security when the children complain). In the confines of this sprawling, gargantuan monument to consumerism, you will find (amid mall standards like Macy’s, Sears, J.C. Penny’s, and Bloomingdale’s) shops devoted to past-times you would never expect (e.g., “The Art of Shaving.”) Overall, the mall is quite upscale, and is the shopping destination of choice for much of Miami’s elite, including me. Designer clothing stores abound, even many that are unknown outside the somewhat insular “stylista” world. In spite of the mall being on the cutting edge of fashion, you can still find a Gymboree if you need one. Ah, the best of every world.


A trip to the Aventura Mall, in combination with a limousine from Millenium Limo, would be a perfect destination for a birthday party for a child (and while I am thinking, in particular, of a female child aged 12-17, the child could theoretically be of any age or gender). They could explore the mall, shop with their friends, take in a movie, and then everyone could meet for a birthday dinner at one of the many fine restaurants in the mall (The Cheesecake Factory, perhaps). Then, the limo from Millenium could whisk them all back home……to theirs, not yours. Voila! It’s the perfect birthday party – not a lot of planning required, but still memorable and enjoyable for all.


The next time you’re in Aventura, check out the mall – and keep a Millenium Limo in mind.