Yikes! Miami Heat Anything but Hot

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Yikes! Miami Heat Anything but Hot


by Jennifer Jordan


Dwyane Wade played a heck of a basketball game, scoring 34 points, pulling down nine rebounds, and assisting on five baskets to lead the Miami Heat against the Milwaukee Bucks. But, in the end, it didn’t matter. Milwaukee handed Miami a 98-92 defeat and its ninth loss in a row. The current losing streak plaguing Miami is the worst since 2001 when they dropped twelve straight between November 8th and December 4th.


Now it’s “Ouch” all over again.


What went wrong? It’s hard to say. Sure Mo Williams helped the Milwaukee Bucks by playing the whole game and scoring a season high 35 points, including key free throws and a three pointer in the final moments of the game. But, Dwyane Wade’s performance nearly matched his: Williams couldn’t have hurt the Heat that much Mo than anything else.


It was Milwaukee’s third win in a row, a modest feat but the Bucks will take it. Miami, on the other hand, isn’t as content with their recent skid.


For a moment, it appeared they were going to do something about it.


Despite a 85-71 Milwaukee lead in the fourth quarter, Miami went on a 12-1 run to come within a three point basket. The Heat, it appeared, were just warming up. They had all the momentum, but it just wasn’t’ meant to be. Milwaukee came back to life when they needed to most.


So, who do we blame. Should we blame Pat Riley? Should we blame the Miami players? Should we blame it on the rain? Or, should we simply blame the calendar. Miami is 0-7 on Wednesdays. Perhaps the players are less focused on the game and more focused on what’s happening in the latest episode of Lost.


Another place we could point the blame: Dwyane Wade. Now, to clarify, it’s not actually Wade who deserves to be on the receiving end of our fingers. He’s the best player on the team, if not the league. Instead, it’s the players who surround him. For some reason, whenever Wade has a spectacular game, the rest of the team seems content to just ride his shoulders to victory. Case in point: when Wade scores at least 25 points, the Heat are 4-13. He can’t do it alone. It’s called “team” for a reason.


In short, Miami needs to rely less on Wade and more on their team as a unit. They need to improve their field goal percentage and their free throw percentage (professional basketball players have no excuse for missing free throws). And they need to get out of their slump. It’s starting to make the Heat look ice cold.