Transportation World Records

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Transportation World Records


by Jennifer Jordan


These days, there seems to be a Guinness World Record for just about everything. From how many hot dogs a person can eat in one sitting to the largest kidney stone ever recorded, records are not only made to be broken, but they are made to be remembered. Transportation, jumping on the Guinness bandwagon, also has its fair share of world class anomalies.


Highest Limousine


Many people may find themselves high the instant they set foot in a limousine, the glitz and the glamour lifting their spirits. But, for those who take a ride in Gary and Shirley Duval’s 1998 creation, spirits aren’t the only thing lifted.


The Duval’s limo is parked in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest limousine ever made. Measuring 10 feet 11 inches – from the ground to the top – this limo took more than 4,000 hours to build and contains an eight wheel independent suspension system as well as two engines. Sitting atop eight monster truck tires, this limo definitely commands the road, leaving both onlookers and passengers in awe.


Heaviest Car Balanced on a Person’s Head


With the days of people balancing books or buckets of water on their heads apparently over, people now see how heavy of a car they can keep teetered on their skull. No matter how this even came to be a thing – perhaps a double dog dare or an alcohol enlightened moment – the record now belongs to John Evans.


Evans, a man who has balanced everything on his head from people to beer, balanced a 352 pound car on his head on May 24, 1999 in London. A man who is large in size, 343 pounds, Evans also possesses an abnormally large neck; its circumference measures 24 inches. He declares himself a “Professional Head Balancer” by occupation, leaving us to wonder what kind of medical plan his career choice offers.


Longest Tractor Ride


When glancing at a rearview mirror in a car, a person isn’t likely to see a tractor trailing behind them, moseying on down the highway. But, if Vasilii Hazkevich is on the road, this sight might not be so foreign.


Hazkevich holds the world record for most miles traveled by tractor. Covering 13,172 miles across Vladimir, Russia on an unmodified tractor, Hazkevich’s journey began on April 25, 2006 and ended that following August. We aren’t sure just how fast the tractor went, but chances are no speeding tickets were handed out.


Largest Pedal-Powered Vehicle


The folks at Guinness World Records probably look at tandem bikes and even three or four person bikes and laugh, rolling their eyes and muttering, “Amateurs.” They have something better: a bike that holds 82 riders, or, in bicycle terms, 164 legs and 164 feet.


Built in Sweden by the Hägglunds Marine Septoped Sällskap, this bicycle took to the streets on September 3, 2005. Seemingly designed for a caterpillar, this bike allows entire families (both sides) and entire businesses to ride their bikes together. Now, all it needs is 82 baskets and 82 bells and, perhaps, 82 decks of cards to put inside the wheel spokes.


Largest Motorcycle


Motorcycles may seem dangerous, after all they are tiny and anything tiny is no match for a large car or truck. That notion dispelled, Gregory Dunham built a motorcycle that makes even the largest automobiles look like match box cars.


Measuring 11 feet three inches high, and weighing 6,500 pounds, this motorcycle requires both a helmet, and a ladder.