Trading Chris Chambers: Rebuilding for the Future

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Trading Chris Chambers: Rebuilding for the Future
by Jennifer Jordan
Winless thus far in the season, it’s pretty obvious the Miami Dolphins aren’t going to win this year’s Super Bowl. Now, sure, you could argue that the Dolphins can win their remaining ten games, make the playoffs and – in grand underdog fashion – claw their way to the championship. They would win, in a word, swimmingly.
But, realistically, their season is over. Not only is Trent Green hurt, but Chris Chambers is gone. With no one to throw it and no one to catch it, the game of football is hard to play.
The decision to trade Chambers was reported yesterday, months after rumors speculated this very thing. In exchange for him, the Miami Dolphins acquire San Diego’s second round pick in the 2008 draft.
It just might be a win-win for both teams.
On the Chargers end, they have been in need of a star receiver for quite some time. With Eric Parker on injured reserve with a broken toe, San Diego opponents focus most of their energy on two people: Antonio Gates and LaDainian Tomlinson. With Chambers in the mix, they’ll now have to focus on three.
Speed, versatility, perseverance, and play-making ability, Chris Chambers will be a nice addition to the Charger’s offense. He will also take some pressure off of Phillip Rivers: the more prime targets a quarterback has, the better they perform.
As he joins the Chargers, Chambers will be reunited with Norv Turner, the man who served as the Dolphin’s offensive coordinator during the 2002-2003 season. This means he will fall into a similar offense, making his acclimation particularly smooth.
On the Dolphins end, Chambers wasn’t having a horrible year – with 415 yards under his belt – but he was touchdownless, a truth that can be more attributed to Miami’s depravity than Chamber’s talent. His greatest season came in 2005 when he caught 82 passes for 1,118 yards, and eleven touchdowns. He was also voted to the Pro Bowl.
As he departs, Ted Ginn, Jr., Miami’s number one pick in this year’s draft, will be put in the spotlight. With only three receptions this year, he will ultimately see many more throws come his way. Miami is looking toward the future: Ginn may as well start to be seasoned.
Next year, Miami will have to decide who to take with their acquired draft pick. They might take a quarterback, or they might try to reestablish their once dominant defense.
Whatever they do, one things for sure: as of right now, there’s no where to go but up.