Top Five Blessings for Miamians to Count this Holiday Season

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Top Five Blessings for Miamians to Count this Holiday Season


by Jennifer Jordan


For anyone who lives in Miami, you know facts when you hear them: this city is one of the best places to live. Sure, people probably always say that, but Miamians can use the influx of tourists as evidence: you don’t see a lot of people vacationing to places like Des Moines. This holiday season, count your blessings, and be glad you are a Miamian.


Professional football is more than halfway over: With Miami winless thus far, it’s easy to wish the Dolphins would just hang up their fins and call it a year. Don’t worry Miamians, it’s almost over. At 0-11, the Dolphins aren’t going to make the playoffs, but maybe, just maybe, they will win a game. Don’t feel too bad, there’s always next season, a season where there will be nowhere to go but up.


Dwayne Wade is Back: After being plagued with injuries last season, Dwayne Wade is back playing with the Miami Heat. It’s a good thing: the Heat just isn’t hot without him. Though he still seems to be getting his sea legs, he hasn’t lost his ability to take the ball down the lane. With him at the realm, the Heat has their best chance at returning to championship form.


The Weather: The day before Thanksgiving, Miami saw weather that was 79 degrees. In other parts of the country, Denver for instance, the temperature spiked at 32 degrees. It’s not too hard to see which environment would be the better for basking in the holiday sun. Let’s hope that Santa’s wearing shades.


The Surfing: Sure, it’s skiing and snowboarding that seems to get all the holiday glory, what with winter being the time for snow, but catching some waves over Christmas break might be even better than hitting the slopes. Not only is surfing much cheaper (the ocean has no admittance fee) but you also don’t run the risk of getting frost bite; it’s only shark bite you need to worry about.


The Culture: When it comes to culture, Miami is a city above all else. One of the most colorful places in the United States, Miami is like America’s eccentric uncle: fun, sometimes a little weird, but always exciting. There are few places in the world that rival the uniqueness of Miami. Quite frankly, it’s one in a million and there are a million and one reasons to be thankful to live there (due to time restraints, we only listed five).