The Top Three Florida Players to Put on Your Fantasy Football Team

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The Top Three Florida Players to Put on Your Fantasy Football Team


by Jennifer Jordan


Yes folks, it’s about that time: time to start thinking about which players to draft for your 2007 Fantasy Football teams. Some of us may still be relishing in our surprising picks from last year (hello, Frank Gore) or seething because of those who had less than stellar seasons (thanks a lot, Randy Moss), but it’s time to put both the good and the bad of last year behind us and remember this year, it’s a whole new ball game…sixteen of them.


Now, there are about a million lists out there telling everyone who to draft (LaDainian Tomlinson) and who not to draft (anyone from the Oakland Raiders) and each list includes a plethora of players. For the sake of time, and potential cramps in my typing fingers, I am simply listing the top three players to pick from any of the Florida organizations (Florida, after all, has like fifty football teams…or maybe just three).


Chris Chambers, WR, Miami Dolphins: Chris Chambers was a player who allowed many of us, myself included, to sail into the playoffs during the 2005 season, a season in which his stats erupted. Unfortunately, 2006 did not produce the same results. But, we can’t blame this on Chambers, at least not all of it. Last season saw Miami with quarterback instability – an instability that hopes to be resolved with Trent Green – and a coaching style that just didn’t seem to include much of ol’ Chris. Chris Chambers, last season, simply seemed to disappear.


He might be down, but he’s not out…..


As Miami starts a new quarterback, and Cam Cameron starts as head coach, this receiver will regain the explosiveness that saw me getting an “I Heart Chambers” tattoo on my ankle with my 2005 Fantasy Football winnings. It’s also worth it to note that Chambers – like the entire Miami Dolphin’s team – has a tendency to get on fire towards the end of the season. For many fantasy players, the end of the season games are the most important: depending on who’s team he is on, Chris Chambers has the potential to make grown men cry….either tears of joy, or just plain tears.


Joey Galloway, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Joey Galloway, taking a page from the Chris Chambers handbook, did the same thing as his Miami counterpart: he had an awesome 2005 year only to be silenced in 2006. However, Galloway’s silencing wasn’t as quiet as Chambers’: he still had 1057 yards and seven touchdowns. On the downside, Galloway often went several games without catching much to having one game where he suddenly became a Fantasy owner’s BFF. These inconsistent performances often left people unable to know when to sit him and when to start him.


Yet, Galloway, like Chambers, was forced to deal with his fair share of quarterback instability and an overall dreadful Tampa Bay offense (even Cadillac Williams preformed more like a Pinto). Assuming the Buccaneers stick with a quarterback – be it Jeff Garcia, Chris Simms, or an “Oh I’m not really retired” Jake Plummer – Galloway will bounce back to a great season. If Jeff Garcia starts, which (as of now) it looks like he will, Galloway could have a truly career year; the Tampa Bay running game will just be the meat between the veteran sandwich of Garcia and Galloway.


Ronnie Brown, RB, Miami Dolphins: Ronnie Brown didn’t have the best season ever last year, but it wasn’t bad: though he was out for three games with a broken hand, he still scored five touchdowns, and rushed for 1008 yards. This year, Brown, and his stats, have nowhere to go but up…way up.


Assuming he stays healthy, 2007 could be a career year for Ronnie. Not only will he get plenty of playing time – as the Miami Dolphins do not have the most solid selection of second string running backs – but he will also be playing under Cam Cameron. As the former offensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers, I think – I think – Cam Cameron just might know a thing or two about turning good running backs into great ones.


So, there you have it, the top three players from Florida to place on your Fantasy team. I know, I know…getting Fantasy Football advice from a woman might seem ridiculous to some of you men out there (ahem, the 1950’s called and they want their ideologies back), but I always play Fantasy Football and I always do well; I win, and then I burn my bra.