The Florida Keys

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The Florida Keys
By Nick Jurkowski
Sometimes, you just need to get out and travel a bit, and when you live in Florida, the Florida Keys always make a tempting destination. The fact that they are connected by roads means that they are much more easily accessed than other destinations that require trips by air or water. The drive over the Keys themselves is really one of the great parts about a trip to this small archipelago – the oversea highway is well maintained, and a beautiful drive.
The Keys themselves, while being fairly near to the mainland, really have a different feel. The climate is more tropical than most of the rest of Florida, which immediately gives the Keys a different feel from the mainland. You won’t find the same long stretches of white sand beaches that you do along the Treasure Coast, and their separation and distance from mainland means that they aren’t the consumer Mecca that the rest of South Florida is; it simply costs too much to get goods there (if you only go on vacation to go shopping, the Keys probably won’t be your choice of destination). What the Keys do provide, however, are the perfect places to relax, sail, SCUBA dive, hike, sightsee, and watch nuclear explosions similar to the scene in True Lies.
Over the next few weeks, I will explore the individual Keys and what they have to offer, starting with the island closest to the Florida mainland, Key Largo (you know, it’s in that terrible Beach Boys song). The Keys are a great travel destination, and I’ll show you why.
Next week: Key Largo