The Dolphins’ Enemies: How Much do you Know about the New York Jets?

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The Dolphins’ Enemies: How Much do you Know about the New York Jets?
When the Miami Dolphins play the New York Jets on Sunday, it won’t exactly be a battle of the unbeaten. With both teams 0-2 and starring down the barrel of a three game losing streak, players on both sides are beginning to feel the pressure. New York fans want their Jets to fly high; Miami fans want the Fins to play swimmingly. No one can predict what will happen, but the key for both teams will be in knowing how the other plays. So, Miami fans, how much do you know about he New York Jets? Take our quiz to find out.
1. Yet to win, the Jets lost their first two games. What teams beat them?

a. Broncos and Rams

b. Patriots and Ravens

c. Bears and Lions

d. Padres and Red Sox
2. Who serves as the owner of the Jets?

a. Woody Johnson

b. Pat Bowlen

c. Robert Kraft

d. Newark Airport
3. What serves as one of the nicknames of the New York Jets?

a. The Great Green

b. Green Machine

c. Gang Green

d. The Big Blue
4. What was the regular season 2006 record of the New York Jets?

a. 11-5

b. 10-6

c. 9-7

d. Undefeated
5. Which of the following player did not play, at one time or another, on the Jets?

a. Ronnie Lott

b. Dennis Byrd

c. Archie Manning

d. Don Maynard
6. What former Miami Dolphins linebacker now serves as an assistant on the Jets coaching staff?

a. Bryan Cox

b. Nicholas Buoniconti

c. Bill Barnett

d. Jason Taylor
7. The coach of the New York Jet, Eric Mangini, is known to supporters as what?

a. Big E

b. Eric Mangenius

c. Eric Magic-ini

d. Eric Mangini in a bottle
8. Which New York Jets player was named the 2006 Comeback Player of the Year?

a. Curtis Martin

b. Laveranues Coles

c. Chad Pennington

d. Joe Namath
9. New York has a slight edge on the Jets/Dolphins rivalry, with a record of 43-39-1. However, the Dolphins won the only postseason meeting between the two teams. What playoff game was this?

a. 1973 Wild Card Game

b. 1982 AFC Championship

c. 1990 Divisional Championship

d. 1998 Pro Bowl
10. The Jets are credited with sending three players to the Hall of Fame. How many players have the Dolphins sent?

a. 9

b. 4

c. 2

d. none
Answers: 1. b. Patriots and Ravens; 2. a. Woody Johnson; 3. c. Gang Green; 4. b. 10-6; 5. c. Archie Manning; 6. a. Bryan Cox; 7. b. Eric Mangenius; 8. c. Chad Pennington; 9. b. 1982 AFC Championship; 10. a. 9.
See how you did:
9-10 Correct: You now your New York Jets. Maybe the Dolphins have an opening on their coaching staff.
6-8 correct: Not bad, you may be a Mangenius yourself.
3-5 correct: Maybe not a Jet, but you’re at least a propeller plane.
Less than three correct: There’s no need to cool your Jets; they’re already cold.